Sadie Frost, 41, loses toyboy, 23, to 16 Year old Pixie Geldof

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    Sadie Frost: The 41-year-old mother has lost her toyboy lover, 23 year-old Kristian Marr to 16-year-old Pixie Geldof

    The north London dating merry-go-round has stopped again - Sadie Frost's boyfriend Kristian Marr has ditched her for teenager Pixie Geldof.

    The 41-year-old ex-wife of Jude Law, who has a penchant for uber-toyboys, has been dumped by the musician, who is 23, for Sir Bob's 16-year-old daughter after her split with Mighty Boosh comic Noel Fielding.

    A source close to the group, who spend most of their lives flitting between the Hawley Arms pub in north London's Camden, said: "Kristian fancies Pixie a lot, it was coming towards the end for him and Sadie."
    Mum-of-four Sadie, who has also dated TV presenter Alex Zane and actor Andy Jones, was said to be besotted with the musician after they met through friends.

    However, the actress-turned-fashion designer seems to be finding it increasingly hard to hang onto her - often very young - men these days. Pixie had been going out with comedian Fielding for a couple of weeks until their romance fizzled out - because, we're told, she had to go back to school following her Easter break so wouldn't ever see Fielding, who is working on the next series of his BBC3 show.

    It is, however, Fielding and his close friend, Sadie's ex Zane, who are finding the latest collaboration hilarious - mostly because they joke about how Kristian only gets the women they have already pulled.

    A source said: "Noel and Alex are playing Kristian at the dating game, they think it's funny the girls swap their boyfriends so often."
    Sadie began seeing Kristian two months ago, and they were a part of the furniture in the trendy north London hangouts.
    No doubt it won't be long until yummy-mummy Sadie shows off her next toyboy conquest.
  2. She doesn't even look 16, she looks at least 18 or 19. Sadie should try for a guy a little bit more in her age range late 20's 30's.
  3. I don't know why Sadie, or anyone for that matter, would even want a guy that young?:shrugs:
  4. weird...

    and i can't believe she went from Jude Law to that
  5. Was Sadie Frost in a relationship with Jude Law?
  6. In my opinion I find it even odder that a 23 year old would want to date a 16 year. I would never allow my 16 year child (when I have one), to even talk to 23 year old boys. I am sorry but to me that is just an even bigger gap than a 41 year old and 23 year old (BTW I don't mean in years)

  7. Yup she's the mother of his children
  8. ITA. I'm 19, and 23 is in the borderline of what I'd consider acceptable to date - I couldn't imagine myself being with a 23 year old, and I consider myself fairly mature. Of course, where there are feelings one can't help it, but I also think 16 and 23 is a bigger gap than 41 and 23.
  9. Let's see now.......Billy Joel's wife is in her early 20's and Billy is in his late 50's? Sadie rocks!!
  10. they were married. And they have 4 children together.
  11. I will second that- Sadie rocks!!

    I don't see a problem with the age difference (can you tell I'm getting there, too???)

  12. speak for yourself!!:smile:
  13. Try it some time. :graucho:

    I hate the double standard put on older women with younger men. Considering women reach their sexual peak supposedly in their early 40s and men in their early 20s, I say it makes a great match. I say whatever floats your boat. You don't like it, don't do it. Then again, I don't see what older men find sexy (its different than finding someone pretty) about young girls. These are just my opinions.
  14. Yeah exactly....women and men are so at their sexual peaks at different times in life!
  15. Agreed! And over on the US side of the pond, that is illegal and considered rape. What kind of man would want to date a young teenage girl? A pedophile???