Saddle vs Luggage Havana

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  1. hey ladies,

    Quick question. I have a Havana from a few years ago that I'm considering offloading. It's one of the earlier styles in a light tan where there's just a small pocket on one side of the bag and it's got a beige microfiber interior with little hh's all over.

    How do I know whether the technical color is saddle or luggage? Any HHhotties out there know?
  2. Hi Munchkin! The Luggage leather is much thinner than the Saddle. Saddle is a little warmer, more textured, and will scratch easier. I think the Luggage is lambskin and Saddle is cow hide. They both had the same pocket configuration and lining. Do you have pics?
  3. Hmm, then I really think this is Saddle because the leather is nice and thick. Anyway, I'm attaching some camera phone pics just to show but I'm assuming based on the lambskin vs cow hide fact that this is a Saddle color.


  4. That looks like saddle to me. Luggage is a little more brown.
  5. Thank you!!
  6. Pretty sure it's Saddle. I have the Inka in Saddle and it looks to be the same color : )