Saddle vs Jazz

  1. i would go with Jazz, i like to carry alot of crap in my bags.
  2. I like jazz better:yes:
  3. I like both (in the color you want which is gorgeous). The Jazz looks bigger and the strap drop seems long enough to fit over the shoulder. But the Saddle will definitely fit over the bulkiest coat which might make it more practical.

    I would probably go for jazz though if I had to choose.
  4. Another vote for the Jazz! I saw this in person at Nordstrom recently. It was hard to walk away from it. So soft and squooshy.
  6. The Jazz bag seems to similar to the bowler/Heidi shapes. The saddle shape/size seems more unique. I like both, but for some reason, I really want the saddle in Mustard!
  7. I vote for Jazz. I really like the shape.
  8. I like them both! Sorry, I'm no help.