SADDLE UP!! Post PICS of your Saddle Bags..

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  1. Dior saddle bags are my favorite and actually was the style that started my obsession with Dior officially...I'll go is my Adiorable Limited Edition saddle from Spring/Summer 04...this is the only Dior saddle I have so far but I am seriously looking at getting a few more in the next couple of months...hmmm..maybe one of those beautiful country ones?? ;)

  2. I've always been a fan of the saddle bags, its cute!!! and very different, so you don't have to worry about everyone in the world carrying the same thing. That's the bag to wear to sporting events! :smile:
  3. Thanks Danica! And I TOTALLY agree with you about not having to worry about seeing other people with it...all the times I have carried it I have never seen another woman with it...I like that about the saddle bags in just don't see them like the way you see LV and Coach..
  4. That bag screams "cute" and "baseball" to me!!! I LOVE IT! I love how your outfit matches the bag so much!!!!
  5. Thanks MayDay! That's exactly what I thought of about when I first saw it....BASEBALL! so i decided to coordinate it with a baseball tee...i mean it has definitely been my favorite bag in recent years...i think i love it so much because it is the sporty look and everyone knows that the sporty look NEVER goes out of style that is why I considered it a great investment! :yes:
  6. I have wanted to buy a saddle bag for aaaages, but it seems when there is a style that I want, I am not able to afford one for any reason whatsoever. Take the beaded butterfly one (I think a PFer has one) or the green japanese saddle. I'd like the limited edition that's coming out soon but again, the prices are beyond my reach. :sad:

    Lovely saddle by the way! :yes:
  7. Here's my double saddle.

    Attached Files:

  8. :heart:

    The saddle is such a classic design despite how fashion-forward and trendy it looks. I've been wanting the pierced saddle for a while now...maybe I'll get one soon next year.
  9. Thanks Chrystalline! Most of the saddles I want are very pricy as well, but I think a great first saddle to get would be a logo one, they retail for $790 USD..:yes:
  10. Lovely saddle! And a classic piece, it will never go out if style..:yes:

  11. love saddles, going to buy a couple more after chrimbo, would like the double in the tan leather and the dior logo! hehe x
  12. I am a saddle lover too. I think my next saddle purchase would be the flight denim one. :love:



    Does gaucho count? ;)
  13. WOW! I :heart: all of these!!!! That pierced saddle is absolutely spectacular, and is going to be my first saddle if I plan to get one.
  14. Here's a pic of my gaucho.
    I'd love to get a regular saddle too!
  15. WOW! I :heart: all of these!!!! That pierced saddle is absolutely spectacular, and is going to be my first saddle if I plan to get one.[/quote]

    Thank you May Day. It truly is amazing. I got it from Woodbury in June of this year. Try calling them and see if they still have it. They have this in the Burgundy color too. :idea: