Saddle Soap

  1. I notice some girls have mentioned saddle soap in some of the subforums. where do you buy it? Is is a cleaner or a moisturizer?
  2. You can probably get from a farm supply or equestrian supply store. Bentley's Liquid Glycerine is the best. When I've used on saddles it does both, cleans and moisturizes. And it's great for your hands, too!
  3. Thanks! I don't think there are any farm supply stores near me, I'll have to check it out!!
  4. I bought mine at Super Stop & Shop! It is by Kiwi and was in the aisle with the shoe polish and cleaning supplies. It cleaned up my LV Speedy handles SO nicely!
  5. I heard of saddle soap but never really seen it before. How do you use it? Just like a normal soap?
  6. I know!! Is it a cream? Is it a soap that you wash off?? It's very mysterious!!
  7. It's a heavy hard cream in a can. You moisten a cloth and get some lathered into it. Then you clean and massage it into your purse. Then you wipe off the residue with another damp cloth and let your purse dry. After it dries completely, you buff your purse with a dry soft cloth.

    I always test a small inconpicuous area first but I just used this on a Coach Leather bag that had a lot of little scuffs and scratches. It was miraculous. It made it look brand new. I also used it on the bottom of one of my IF bags and it took out some unknown stains and the leather looked untouched after it dried.
  8. i think i read from the hermes thread that you can actually buy saddle soap from Hermes as they sell equesterian stuff.. of course, this would be the more expensive option if getting to a speciality store is inconvenient
  9. The stuff I used to use on our saddles (Bentley's) is a liquid. But it works pretty much the same. Apply with a damp cloth, work in, let dry and buff.
  10. Oh wow, that's cheap! Thanks for the link!!
  11. NO WAIT!!!:roflmfao:
    Please all you happy handbag lovers, DO NOT use saddle soap on your leather bags....Saddle soap is made for SADDLES and SADDLES are made with very hard leather that is vegetable tanned and pressed so it is like the soles of your shoes. Your handbags are NOT made with the same leather.:sad:
    Soft leathers are much more delicate and today most of the tanning processes are faster using salts instead of vegetable tannins.
    What I am saying is that soaps and detergents, though they may work (only on finished leathers) will cause pH damage where the chemistry is altered and the leather starts to deteriorate.:amazed: Yes!
    Cleaner with pH neutral is ok and better yet pH 4.5. Try a white eraser for spot cleaning and warm water with a tsp of vinegar to wipe your leather bag...unfinished leather use only white eraser, as water will stain and most cleaners will too.
    Keeping the chemistry :love:between HANDBAG OWNER and HANDBAG!!
  12. hey lovinleather, how do we know if our leather is finished or unfinished? It might seem simple to some, but I have absolutely no clue! I only know that LV vachetta is unfinished but that's about it...
  13. Hi mas2388:smile:

    Actually that is a good question...sorry...I was going on and on...thought I would stop...dont want to bore anyone!:P

    Here is the test: (there are a few ways to tell the diff..)

    1. Finished leathers do not darken with water (put water on your finger and press into the leather)
    2. Unfinished leathers will darken immediately with water (it dries so dont worry)

    3. All shiny leathers are finished.
    4. Unfinished leathers have no sheen at reflective qualities

    5. Finished leathers don't have the same "feel" as unfinished leathers which some call nude, others call full aniline ) which are buttery soft and real skin....supper soft and squishy :yes:

    Finishes on leather vary in application. The more perfect the hide the less finish needed to hide imperfections, so it is more expensive and more vulnerable to oil stains, water stains and fading. Most high end handbag leathers today seem to be mostly "semi aniline", which means they have very little finish so you can still feel " leather", but has a little protection...its the best of both worlds.

    I hope that helps...!?

  14. is apple guard and leather care safe for unfinished leather? i have a feeling the leather trim on my new prada is unfinished...:smile: