Saddle Soap

  1. Hi guys! I just wanted to let you know that my SA recommended using saddle soap to clean my handles on my speedy. I worked GREAT! It took up the dirt and then I just used a little appleguard to moisturize. I am very impressed with how it came out.:yahoo:
  2. awsome! thanks for the tip, can u explain in more details for the direction? many thanks!
  3. yeah some more detalis pls
  4. Thanks for the tip! Some of my LVs need a bath :smile:
  5. I got the little "tin" of saddle soap at Osco. I rubbed a lightly damp white towel in the tin and then rubbed the handles. Rubbed the handles then with the other side of lightly damp towel. It looked really dark and I started to panic. As soon as it dried, it was really clean. A little dry, so I added some moisturizer, but definitely cleaner. My LV SA recommended it, but only on a bag with a patina (mine is 1 yr 3 mos. old)