saddle soap question (and 1,000th post!)

  1. i was thinking of replacing the leather piping on the top of my noe. when i called the boutique to ask about it, they said that i had the option to do just one part (and have it be uneven with the rest of the leather), or do all of it (and have the bag look brand new). she said that if i do the one part, since it will be uneven with the older parts, that i could use saddle soap to try and darken the leather a bit. any of you, who have done the saddle soap thing, have you gotten the results you've wanted in the first try? also, is it something that you can repeat if it's not as dark as you'd want it to be?
  2. I don't know, but :yahoo: 1,000:yahoo:
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  3. Congrats! I don't know anything about saddle soap.
  4. Yeah... I don't know anything about saddle soap either... but congrats on hitting 1k! :drinkup:
  5. congrats on your 1k!! :yahoo: I don't know much about saddle soap, but there was some sitting by the register at target and I was thinking about getting some to try ... anyone else have??
  6. I've used SS to clean leather before, but I wonder how hard it would be to try & match patina? Did that make any sense??
  7. i did a search, but to no avail. the only thing i got was that saddle soap DOES in fact darken the vachetta... grr.
  8. I've used SS before and from my experience it's only works perfectly on medium patina - to dark patina. When I did it to my brand new bag once, I completely over did it and it looked weird. It only looked a half tone darker and as if it was GLAZED literally! But with time, "glaze" came off and i repeated the process several times (at least 8th) within a period of 4 months. Results were ok and I told my self to never ever apply SS to "virgin" vachetta again. But if you have a well used LV, SS does wonders to refresh hydrate & even clean your baby. I would only recommend it in that case.


  9. so it darkened it, but it faded back?
  10. i don't know the answer to your Q, but congrats on a thousand answers!
  11. IF ONLY!!! :smile: