Saddle Rogue Confusion

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  1. I was obsessed with the saddle medium rogue. So I called CS about a month ago and they told me that the bag would be available May 1. I went into my local store and my SA confirmed. Last week I went in to place the order and was told that the bag would be at my house by the time I got home from my trip. A few days went by and nothing. No email with shipping confirmation. I reached out to my SA and inquired about why it would be taking so long. She got back to me that they have pushed the release to May 26. My question to this awesome community would be. Has this ever happened to you? They charged my card and everything, and why might this have happened?
  2. Are you referring to the suede Rogue?

  3. Did the charge go through on your card, or is it still an authorization? I placed an order for a bag several weeks ago - it's due to ship the first week of May. I got excited when they charged my card a couple of days later, but it just stayed as an authorization for 4-5 days and then dropped off. Nothing since.
  4. No, it is the pebbled leather Saddle.
  5. Nope, just double checked. The charge went through on 4/21. I don't necessarily think that they should charge your card until the bag is available to ship or actually ships.
  6. I just went through the same problem with the olive medium rogue. I went through customer service, then finally a manager in JAX. Same situation as with the saddle. They did come into distribution April 16. The pallets of the new Rogue shipment hadn't been moved to their final "destination" in the warehouse, so a few orders slipped through. (Apparently placed on Monday, the 18th). My order was placed on Wednesday, the 20th - by then, they had been moved to a "no pick" area, and can't be ordered until May 26 (so the manager told me). Your SA won't even be able to backorder. Since my order, like yours, had been placed in a retail store, I was charged for it. JAX couldn't credit it, as the retail store had my credit card info. - they have to refund you, or credit it back to your charge if you charged it. My SA probably wouldn't have been notified, had I not questioned it with JAX. First it showed as a backorder status, and finally "order cancelled" - as they wouldn't let me leave it backordered. Their computer system hadn't been updated, that's why we could still place orders. If you haven't already, call your SA, and make sure she credits you. Sorry so long, but thought the info would be helpful.
  7. What a headache! I am so sorry this happened to you; I was so happy for you that you were getting the olive - the color you really wanted. So, you will be getting in May 26th? It's a shame Coach can't give you a discount for that mishap.
  8. Thank you so much! I called CS after I got your message and they said the same you did. Thank you again for all the information.
  9. awww...thanks for the sympathy. I've loved the Olive since day one - I think I saw it on the NY Fashion Week video. I'm not sure if I'll order again on the 26th or not. I'm kind of disappointed it doesn't have that d#&% lock! Like a few have said, it added detail to the bag........ why they left them off the new batch, who knows? Another comment today said the bag seems much lighter than the first run. Why design such a gorgeous bag, then cut corners? Then the fact it will be excluded from PCE's..... Maybe by next fall, they'll have a change of heart.... or I will, when I see it IRL!
    Coach give me a discount..... highly unlikely, since they won't even let employees buy it discounted. They have to "save them for the customers"......
  10. I agree with the fact that it's lighter; if it doesn't have the signature pebbled leather, it may take away from the bag which is why I would much rather see it in person or at least a good pic on the Coach website. It should be everything you want and more.:smile:

    I was going to get one too, but if I can't use the PCE, if it's less than perfect, it's not worth it.
  11. This was my first thought when I heard that they removed the lock. There have been a lot of complaints concerning weight. They are trying to change that with this second run....:smile:
  12. I thought I would through this out there. I just called to check the status of my bag and the May 26th ship date. I thought I would call CS today just to see if that date was still go time. The CS rep gets on the phone and informs me that the bag will now not be shipped until sometime in July. What the hell is going on?
  13. Oh how frustrating! Hopefully it will end up shipping out to you much sooner.
  14. It says "Pick up in a store" on the Coach website for the Rogue in Saddle; also for the Black/Copper. Mineral is out of stock completely. I am so in love with this bag!! I want a Black; undecided on hardware...

    So they have removed the lock from the 38124 Rogue? If so, Coach should update their site pics accordingly.
  15. I just picked mine up! There is no lock and it feels substantially lighter, which I love. I agree that they should update the pics on the website.
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