Saddle or classic flap?

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  1. I've been wanting to add a fun piece to my collection, and I'm torn between these two beauties.. I mostly own classic flaps and a few boys, so this would be my only dior bag.

    Alsoooo, blue /grey dior or the blush? I just bought a 20c light beige small flap so om thinking maybe blue? They're both so pretty!

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  2. I prefer the classic flap in a fun color.
  3. Classic
  5. Not sure what happened in my previous response but I say definitely chanel...the Dior is too trendy and already played out (IMO)’ll only be popular for another couple of years whereas the chanel will be lifelong. Classic over trends! And that color is amazing!!!! Sounds like you don’t need another neutral anyway!
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  6. Chanel blue :love:
  7. This!
    But go with what your heart loves (I’m rooting for the blue Chanel, so over the saddle).
  8. Haha! Not surprised by the Chanel votes! I think I'm just a little bored of the classic flaps right now. I think I'll order the Dior and see if I like it in person
  9. Never loved the Saddle, so I vote for CC.
  10. In this case: Chanel.
  11. I am partial to anything aqua blue so my vote goes to the classic Chanel. I am also not a fan of fabric bags as they are so hard to maintain! Gives me anxiety lol. Always imagine splattering oil or something worse on them. I like the saddle bags, though.
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  12. Lol! I totally get it. I ended up ordering the saddle. Hopefully its nice in person

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  13. I'm not a fan of that shaped bag from Dior, so I'd choose flap.
  14. Flap bag.
  15. Well I really don’t like saddle at first , and was like you , ordered unseen in regular black plus 1k additional long strap , received it , play around and ended up loving it . I guess never say never unless you see irl ..
    I love classic flap but little bit bored and already have some , I want to change style and Dior here I come..Good luck with your decision.
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