Saddle MAM with Pics

  1. Hello Everyone! I just wanted to thank you gals for getting me obsessed with Rebecca Minkoff bags. I wasn't really interested in bags, but then I found TPF and started getting really obsessed. :yahoo:

    I just bought my first RM bag a few weeks ago and I love it! Seems that not too many people have the Saddle color (guess it's not as exciting as the wonderful blues and greens and tangerines, etc she has!) -- but I didn't have a brown bag that I really loved yet. Hopefully this purchase will tide me over for a while...

    Now let me try to figure out how to post some pics...
  2. Okay, let's see if this works...

    Hanging around...

    What's inside
  3. Thnx for posting pics! i LOVE the saddle color. i also need a brown bag and this shade looks like the perfect brown! what is the leather like (satin wash?) and could you wear it with black? sorry for all the questions, i am seriously contemplating the saddle MA or Matinee! TIA!
  4. Beautiful color - congrats!
  5. that leather looks so nice and supple---congrats!! and Welcome!!
  6. Thanks for the welcome, everyone! I love how friendly everyone is. :heart:

    pursegrl12, the leather is very soft and smooshy (I think this is the difference between satin wash and the glazed leathers?). Also, If you want more ideas of what the brown color is like, take a look at the pics on Revolve's website (the Luna Boston pics for Saddle do not look like the color of mine).

    As for wearing it with black -- well, I am by far the least fashionable person (heh heh, I just typed "purson") around, but I think it would be a nice burst of color with black. I love the bag so much that I'll probably end up wearing it with any color, anyway. :smile:

    Good luck choosing between the MA or Matinee -- you can't make a bad choice!
  7. So pretty... congrats!!

    I love the saddle. Bright colours are gorgeous, but you need those pretty neutrals for everyday use!
  8. lovely, congrats!
  9. thank you sooo much for answering my questions! i'm really glad you clarified that LB's pics aren't the true color cos i thought it looked too "tan" and was hoping the revolve pics were the real color. after seeing your pictures, i am definately gonna get the saddle MA! :yahoo:
  10. Congrat's. It looks like a great bag, I'm sure you're going to enjoy it.
    Like you I've just turned to Rebecca Minkoff and awaiting my first back to arrive.
    This is going to be the last bag I buy for a while so i'm hoping I love it to death and can use it until may :smile:

    congrat's again.
  11. Love love your bag. :heart: My MAM is midnight with pewter and I love her- my new MAB is the glazed almond and I'm excited for a neutral too- can''t wait till she gets here. Aren't RM bags awesome!!!! :yes:
  12. daphodill84, you're absolutely right -- can't go wrong with a bag that matches mostly everything! (But that's okay -- I have a feeling my next RM will be in a color that's a little less ordinary...)

    pursegrl12 -- so glad to be an enabler! Yay, we can be in the "exclusive" Saddle MAM club together, heh heh. :tup:

    Bag Fetish and TrulyWild -- I can't wait to see your new bags! RM bags are truly awesome and I only wish they weren't as pricey so I could buy more!!!
  13. I just ordered my first Rebecca Minkoff bag today. I chose the MAM in saddle. I think this color goes with everything... can't wait!
  14. Thats a beautiful bag! Congratulations! I wish I was able to find one of those in the saddle color!
  15. Congrats and welcome elsie! That's a beautiful "go with everything" color for your first RM, the leather looks amazing. Thanks for posting pics!