Saddle Gauchos anyone?

  1. I'm suddenly very interested in the saddle gaucho bags by Dior. Anyone have pictures they'd like to share of their gaucho saddle? I'd also love your feedback on what you think of the bag. Also any details of the bag itself (inside pockets, back pocket, etc.) would be greatly appreciated. I love the white/cream color. What do you think?
  2. Hi Chodessa!

    Here's a pic of my double Gaucho.
    IMG_8312 copy.jpg

    The bag is amazing! It fits tons of stuff without looking too large, and it's leather is so durable and beautiful that I can't stop admiring it. The cell-phone pocket is really conveniently-positioned (not just for a cell phone, but for keys too), and the straps feel very comfortable on the shoulder. There's also an interior zipped pocket.
  3. [​IMG]
    I copied my pic here so you don't have to click the link :biggrin:
  4. here's my metallic gold medium saddle. i love it, it's not as soft as the non-metallic ones but i love it all the same. as for durability, heh, i think the rest of the TPF ladies can tell you i've had some major drama with dior over this gaucho (the rivets came off, from poor workmanship, if i should say so myself. i mean i only had the bag for a week and carried it for the third time before the rivets just came off. even the SA commented that it's probably due to them not fastening it tightly enough).

    otherwise, i'm sure most of the ladies here would readily tell you it makes for a fantastic everyday bag. ;)

    i know there's some grouses about it's weight, but i find that it's not really particularly heavy at all.
    gaucho02.jpg gaucho03.jpg
    here's a discussion on the gaucho and some pictures of the various gauchos on celebrities.
    this is chrystalline's cruise collection gaucho (very gorgeous stuff)

    if you do a search for the gaucho, there's quite a few around. nataliam has one in red, chrystalline has another gaucho (other than the cruise collection one), pash4fash has a denim gaucho... that's all i can remember off the top of my head. hopefully more Pfers will post theirs up. ;)

  6. I just love this bag!!! I really love the white!! I can't wait for my black double saddle to arrive. :yahoo: