Saddle care/treatment suggestions?

  1. Hey everyone, I apologize if this is a repeat question, I did a search a didn't really find what I was looking for...

    I recently received my first Dior (:yahoo:), a lovely medium red guacho, and I one of the first days I took it out, it decided, of course, to rain. Which made me wonder, should I treat my bag? What do you use to treat it? I've read baby wipes are good for cleaning spots, but I'm looking to guard it against rain so it doesn't develop water spots.

    Suggestions? TIA!
  2. i have a red gaucho tote and i drag it with me in the rain all the time ( i live in Ireland so i dont really have a choice, otherwise i would never get to use it ! ) and i dont have any rain spots on the leather :tup:. the only product i treat it with is baby wipes and not very often maybe once a month. hope that helps ! ;)