Saddle Bag

  1. Just curious what do you ladies put inside your Saddle Bags. While I love the style, I found that I cannot put anything in there - and I'm someone who generally carries very little (just wallet, keys, eye glassesm and contact lens case).
  2. I don't put much either. All I can fit is my wallet, keys, phone, and chapstick and/or lipgloss. Thats' about it. The inside is actually way smaller than the bag seems itself in my opinion.
  3. i can't put much in it, i just have a small cardholder, keypouch, lipstick, gloss and a small compact. i don't use it often, only if i am out for dinner. it is a cute bag though but doesn't function well.
  4. i dont have one.. saw it at the store and because i can't really put anything inside, i didn't bother buying it.. but really cute.
  5. So would you guys say that the Saddle bag is more of an evening bag?
  6. I can put my wallet and keys only and my cell phone I had to change it to the Razor phone because it didn't fit in :shrugs: !!! No room for glasses at aaaaaaaall :shrugs: :shrugs: .
    Still love it:love: .
  7. I usually only can put wallet, keys, mobile inside.
  8. actually i feel that it depends on the design, if it is the vintage flower, yes it can be more of an evening bag. the size is definitely an evening bag size though.

  9. Not meee, I wear the hell out of it daytime, I have the black on black fabric with embroided flowers, limited edition :cutesy: . Love it.

    (had to fix some spelling ;)
  10. It can be both daytime & evening bag. Saddle bags will never go out of style. :graucho: