saddle bag & hardware

  1. Hello,

    as you may have seen (because I posted the picture wherever I could) I have just bought a Dior saddle on eBay.
    I noticed that the hardware has darkened in some points and, since I've never owned a Dior bag, I'd like to know if it's its natural colour or if I have to polish it.
    More, how do you clean the leather? I've tried baby wipes with other bags and worked great, what's your opinion?
    dior saddle (5).jpg dior saddle (6).jpg dior hardware.jpg
  2. Hi Maryg!

    The brass-like hardware of certain saddle bags (not the gold-plated hardware) darkens with age and only adds to the beauty of the piece. In any case, the brass hardware isn't supposed to have the same tone throughout (some areas are darker).

    As for cleaning leather, I've only tried baby wipes on my Gaucho because other PFers have tried it before. On any other bag, I use a neutral (no color) leather cleaning creme, which does a fantastic job without ruining the leather finish (it works beautifully on patent leather, too, surprisingly). If the bag is too dirty and scruffed, you can take it to a leather cleaning specialist and they can help you buff out scruff marks and re-color certain areas of the bag.

    Does anyone else have any suggestions?
  3. ^^^Thanks MayDay, you're always so helpful! Even my BF said the darkening on the hardware addes charm to the bag, so I think I'll leave it as it is.