Saddest weekend of my Life..

Hi ladies..

So sorry to be a debbie-downer.. but i just have to share to everyone the saddest weekend of my life...

So last friday, i went out for dinner & drinks with friends..
long story short, i had one TOOOO many... that i passed out!

we took a cab to her apartment for me to spend the night.. and because i was 'out of it', she was taking care of me.. and didn't realize that she LEFT
my 2007 Pine GGH Hobo in the cab..
:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

i have 3 rebecca minkoff SLGs..
.. wallet with 4 credit/debit cards.. a new checkbook.. a set of house keys.. :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:

at this point, i think the best way to think.. is to just let it go..
although.. i'm really hoping that there will be a good Samaritan that will return my bag....

hayyyyyy... just needed to share..


Dec 11, 2009
I hope your handbag comes back to you too, but I am so happy that you are safe, what a good friend you have to take good care of you. I am certain you would do the same for her! Friends like this are a treasure.

Best news ever that you were not alone and that you are safe! Hugs to you!


Aug 3, 2007
Dallas, Texas
I'm so sorry to hear that! I'm just glad you weren't hurt. I just talked to a lady who was in New Orleans for a friend's BD and they drank too much. The friend lived in an upscale neighborhood and they had hired a taxi to get home. When they got there and got out of the cab some guys jumped them, beat them up really bad and robbed them. :shocked: They took her jewelry ( she had a ring on worth $25,000) & her handbag. They actually think the cab driver might have tipped off the thugs because it was kind of out from NO in a suburb. Anyway, hopefully you can get your bag back & everything inside. I'm sure your friend feels really bad. Take care!


Couture, it's my bag
May 8, 2009
I'm so sorry to hear this, OP. I would be devastated. If it gives you any hope..I heard a story on tPF where the woman lost...I think it was her Hermes wallet in the airport and it turned out someone returned it to the lost & found. Did you call the cab service? Over the years I have heard several good samaritan stories (one including a homeless person in Madison, WI returning a wallet w/cash in it), so I hope this turns out to be one!!


Happy as Larry
May 10, 2009
By the Ocean
So glad you are safe.

I hope the cab driver or a kind passenger hands your bag into either the cab lost-and-found or the nearest police-station.


Jul 9, 2009
Hong Kong
Oh wow, I would also be soo sad if this happened to me but first thing on my mind would be, lucky that you had a friend who took good care of you.
That happens to us sometimes right? Drinking too much. I usually pass out when I'm drunk becuase I don' t drink anymore as much as I used to during my sorority days but everytime when I have to get up and leave, I don't know why but I always look for my purse FIRST before I go home. I guess my attachment to my Bal bag is no contest to the effects of alcohol. Haha...hope this made you smile a bit.
Hope a good Samaritan contacts you for your bag and it's contents.


May 6, 2011
Have you called the cab company? I would start cancelling all credit cards/debit cards and calling your bank and report them lost JIC! Hopefully though you get your things returned. ugh how horrifying !
Aug 27, 2006
43 lost your bag...not your life...and hopefully learned a not so fun lesson and you can go forward from today with a little more wisdom! Best to you and start a fund for another Bbag someday soon if your Pine doesn't make it back to you !


Not your average MOM
At least you are safe and have a good friend whom actually care enough to bring you home with her.. there are some out there who couldn't be bothered even they called themselves a 'friend'. But sweetie, lesson learnt - and maybe in the future when you plan to go out and have a bit of fun and drink, use a belt bag ( like the one from Gucci or even Chanel or nothing fancy for that matter).. just an advice from an old timer : )

Take care and don't be so sad.. it could have been worst


K 28 size reference
Mar 27, 2010
It's so hard to loose something you just love. I still think of a leather jacket someone stole out of my office years ago. But the vision of your bag will fade, and your taste may change too and you might find something even better on ebay. I'm feeling your pain....sorry that you lost your beloved bag.
On another note.
It seems risky on so many levels to drink so much that you pass out. Maybe you could re-think that.


just passing through
Jun 22, 2011
3 stars and a sun!
:hugs: a warm hug for you sis... what is important at this juncture is that your safe...
Some lessons are paid with a high price (a Bal and RMs in this case) but not as important as your safety.... Keep safe, ok?
Hi Ladies..
Thanks very much for all of your consoling words..
i'm at a better disposition now..
i agree with everyone that the bag is only a material thing, and at the end of the day, me and my friends were safe..

indeed, it's a life-lesson i will never ever forget..

unfortunately, we weren't able to get the cabbie's medallion number/plate number.. but my friend is trying to hunt that down..

i will, on the other hand, has posted at the lost & found website.. and will be calling random precincts later for their lost & found section...

i'm not holding my breath, but i shall be optimistic!

Thanks ladies.. all your kind words are really helping..


mildly obsessed
Mar 24, 2008
you guys didn't use a credit card to pay did you? in nyc that will show up on your card statement (the cab company) and you can even track down the specific cab. unfortunately it's more likely the cabbie grabbed it as most passengers would hand it to him or try to contact you themselves (I ALWAYS keep the item lost and then return it myself as I don't trust the cabbie to take the time and effort to return the item) .. so that might help.

also make sure to submit a lost property inquiry. the sad fact is that I have returned, and gone out of my way to return every phone bag or trinket I've found in NYC cabs but the same has seldom been done for me. it's worth exploring every option though, you never know.

and yes no more preaching but this is the worst city to be a female and drunk and out of it - no more blacking out :biggrin: