Saddened with Ebay Suspension! Any advice?

  1. Hi Everyone ~

    I have been a member on eBay since 2002. I buy and sell. I listed out of all things a Kate Spade bag and indicated I was not sure if it was authentic. I had great pictures of it. Yesterday I spent the day with my mom (friday) and came home sorta sad due to seeing my mom aging and not feeling well. When i did get home I logged on to see how things were going on my auctions. I was suspened due to this item. I have never had this problem before. One time I did list a Chanel that I purchased on eBay. It was too small for me so I listed and it was pulled by Vero being not authentic. I purchased from eBay and they had said authentic! I was confused but dealt with it. There is no one to contact or talk too. They seem to go after good sellers. I even feel more confused due to a friend of mine on ebay saying it is certain individuals out there to get you. They watch your listings and report any trival thing. Any advise? Linda:sad:
  2. I have heard that some ebayers do attack sellers for inconsequential reasons, but I think in this case that you should have confirmed the authenticity of the bags before selling them. You being unsure about authenticity doesn't make you any less culpable for selling a fake bag if it is fake. I do think that sellers previously have gotten away with listing things as being of unsure authenticity, but I think eBay is pretty much outlawing that. That being said, I am very sorry about your mother and hope that things look up for her and your family soon.
  3. Having an unsure of authenticity disclaimer will not prevent an auction from being pulled and as stated when listing key brands eBay even asks you if what you are listing is authentic.

    Sorry this has come at a bad time but you have broken an eBay rule and someone has reported it
  4. It has happened to me too and I have 100 percent feedback and a record of authentic chanel hermes items

    It has happend to sooooooooooo many totally honest sellers of authentic items

    I am sorry this has happened to you they should of just ended the listing and sent you a mail no need to be so vicious
    BUT WHAT YOU have to understand is they are totally paranoid right now as it looks as if ~Vuitton and Dior may win there lawsuit, If they do you can bet your life alot of others will follow

    So here in the uk right now lots of fake chanel 2.55 being sold for huge prices by single sellers with small feedback whilst the reputable are thrown of

    Now promise me something DO NOT LET IT EAT AWAY AT YOU,

    Write to them and they will probarly ask you to send documents into them showing address etc

    I decided not to go this route as I refuse to be treated in such a disgusting way

    Go run a hot bath , hug yourself
    sent that mail

    and tell yourself what a great person you are
    Dont let it upset you too much as I did
  5. I didn't even know I was breaking a rule. I never have sold a Kate Spade so being a novice I thought i was safe as long as I said i was unsure. I didn't even use it in the title. That is how I thought i was suppose to do it if unsure or comparing . I only sell authentic this was a case of someone asking me to sell as I do take consignments but as I said no being familar I wanted to state this and I said so by saying it is labeled Kate Spade ~ Well i learned if not familar don't sell. thanks Linda
  6. Better safe than sorry. How long is your suspension?
  7. WOW! Thank you I truly needed this!! i didn't know about the lawsuit. Maybe it is telling me i need time for other stuff in my life. I take this as a sign ~ Linda
  8. It sounds like from eBay's perspective this is the second time you've listed non-authentic items. I would guess that's why they suspended you.

    I know you were just trying to be honest when you listed that you didn't know if the bag was real, but it is absolutely up to the seller to confirm authenticity prior to listing. eBay can no longer allow "maybes" because of the large number of scammers.

    I'm sorry you have to deal with this.
  9. I have no idea how long it is. and yes it is better to be safe then sorry because I don't want to sell something that is not authentic ~ but I wish they would have called or emailed me instead of this. This is alittle drastic ~
  10. Yes it is and its because you where being honest, seems like the dishonest with all the blah blah yada
    give as a gift

    with fake holograms and auth cards, are busy selling there wares KNOWING THERE FAKE

    take care now
    go look at my poupette
    designer specialist auction sites i think are the future

    hugs to you
  11. ewwww ebay is becoming the equivalent of the grade school meanie in a sandbox, throwing sand in playmates' faces without warning

    its so petty and has lost the trustworthiness and pleasantness it had in years past and is, imo, now a real downer (unless the parties involved, seller and/or buyer, have good reputations with the wise people on tPF)

    so sorry this happened to you...........but hundreds of things in life are of greater consequence........don't be bullied by a "god with clay feet"
  12. This is horrible considering there are thousands of fake bags on Ebay at any given moment. Why doesn't the Ebay "police" go after them?!
  13. I was also suspended but refuse to go through their reinstatement process :yucky: It's demeaning and rude.

    For those of you in the same boat, why not try consigning your bags with online consignment places? PM me and I'll send you a list of places to try.
  14. I'm sorry that your were suspended, but ebay is just doing their part, however little an ineffective, it is, of trying to keep the inauthentic items off of their website. Hopefully, the suspension is not too long. It's a real shame though that the people who sell authentic items are suspended but don't send in the paperwork to get reinstated by ebay so that there may be more authentic items available
  15. As I said before, ebay should hire us (tpf members) to work as subcontractors to review the listings!

    I did send ebay a letter suggesting this........ They emailed me back pretty much telling me thank you but they don't accept suggestions.