Sadcandy's Collection

  1. Here's my small collection...hope you will enjoy... :heart:
    I have some Gucci bags...some Blumarine bags, two Polo Sport Ralph Lauren,one Prada,and one Louis Vuitton...

    The Gucci (Vintage) Collection


    The Blumarine Collection
  2. Thanks for posting!
  3. Great vintage pieces! Did you own them from before (original owner) or buy them later on as vintage?
  4. Very nice Gucci bags! Congrats!
  5. They were my mother's property.I love them.They make me feel as an "old" diva ^^

    So...this is another love of my life, an everyday love ^^

    The Ralph Lauren Collection.

    My little honey...The first of a series...

    I bought it in Bologne,in the "Galleria Cavour"...And so close to the Vuitton's store...I found this...and I took it :heart:


    I know that this isn't a bag...but I like it, so I wanna share with you this great piece of my collection ^^
  6. My lovely Prada.They are ballerinas,with a 3 cm heel.
  7. i love the prada backpack and LV speedy.
  8. Thank you! You're so kind!:heart:
  9. Hi Sara!! I read you have also other LV bags, hope to see their pics soon, especially of the Petit Bucket, it's a bag that I like but it seems like I don't understand if it is comfortable for every day or not.. but I have to admit I am more on Chanel since last December and day after day I love Chanel more! Obviously there is space also for LV, the speedy 25 is my every day bag!
    This forum it's such a lovely and addictive place, you'll love it!! :smile:
  10. Love all the vintage pieces, and the LV!
  11. great collection especially the Cucci sac plat...
  12. Those are some FAB Guccis, esp the vintage ones! Love the speedy too... LV is near and dear to my heart as well.
  13. Great collection! Thank for sharing! :smile:
  14. Thank you! You all rock!!

    Dear Alice, my other pieces are my sister's property, so I take them very few times.Now they are in another place,but soon I can take some pictures of them ^^.:heart:

    EDIT: The Petit Bucket isn't so comfortable for me, I don't like it so much because it isnt so near to my style...
  15. Thanks for sharing