Sad :(

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  1. Well, as a graduation present to myself, I decided to look for a new designer bag. I fell in love with the navy Chloe ritter bag, which had just been released. It looks exactly like the heloise, but is much lighter as it is made of cloth and polyurethane. anyways, i decided to get the bag and wore it out several days later. everything was going fine until the second day i took it out ... i had put two small books, my wallet, and my cosmetic bag in it. i was sitting in the lecture hall and was about to move it to another chair when i pulled it and THE STRAP BROKE! I was appalled. The strap had come undone just where it was connected to the bag. How could chloe have made such a poor quality bag? I had hardly even used it. needless to say, i was quite sad and somewhat angry, and called the chloe store that i had bought it from. they have a policy of only exchanges in the first seven days, no refunds, but they agreed to send me a replacement. i am a little uneasy about this as i am afraid that the design is poor and the second bag they send will be just as faulty ... at the same time as angry, because after spending $1000s on a bag, how can they make something that is so defective and poor? The SA at the chloe store said she had sold numerous units of this bag, and had never had complaints ... so maybe (hopefully) i just got a lemon. Has anything like this ever happened to you guys?
  2. Chloe's quality control is notorious for being patchy, so maybe you did get a lemon. It's great that they're sending you a replacemen though; to me, this is part of why you pay a high price - the post-purchase servce.

    Did you have to yank hard for the strap to break? If so, it probably won't happen again; if not, it might be a design flaw.

    Some of the highest-end designer bags are not necessarily bad quality, but they are not designed for everyday or very casual use. Chanels are hugely expensive, but the lambskin bags scratch and scrape easily - it's just the way they are. Don't forget that some of these bags were meant to be luxury items - it's just that in recent years, they have become so mainstream due to higher incomes, more disposable incomes, the "I want it now" syndrome and the "celebrity syndrome" where people can rush out and buy what they see in magazines.

    Good luck with the replacement - hopefully this won't happen again!
  3. ^^^^The exact same thing happened to me with my leather plum Heloise.
    I am sure most bags are made to the highest standards, but when I looked at my Heloise, it is hard to think how it wouldn't come out eventually. It is not in there securely enough for me and it is so heavy.

    The Heloise is one of my love "in theory" bags.
  4. ^^^^And I was also made to feel by the SA as if I did something wrong because no one else had complained. These huge bags are new and there might be teething problems. I wish I had gone with the smaller red Heloise, but it was gone when I went to exchange!!

  5. Don't settle for this bag, return it. Have the Chloe store check for another bag that you may want in other locations. It's BS to have this happen so quickly and I'll bet you it's a design flaw.

    My niece uses her quilted Bay to tote around school books at her uni. no problems.

    Vinyl bags at 1000 dollars should be outlawed in my book.
  6. I had the exact same thing happen with my Grenat Elvire tote. I wore it once and the strap broke clean off from where it was stitched on :wtf:. I was extremely annoyed :cursing: especially as I'd paid full whack for the bag and it was VERY expensive.

    I was slightly dubious about the same thing happening again with a replacement, but I loved :love: the style so much that I thought I should give it another chance, rather than going straight for a refund. I got a replacement and haven't had any problems since thankfully.

    I think there are always going to be occasional problems like this with anything you buy, whether it be a designer item or something from the high street. Obviously it's more galling if it's an expensive item that should be made to last, but if it's a bag you adore I think it's worth giving it one more try, before you throw in the towel :smile:.

  7. The exchanges-only rule is for change of mind, not for faulty items.

    By law, an item has to be fit for purpose - so as your bag isn't, they have to replace it/repair it/refund you (whichever you prefer).

    BTW, you are only obliged to accept a store credit for change of mind, too.

    If an item is faulty and you request a refund, they have to refund you in cash/to your card (unless you choose to have a store credit, instead). :yes:

  8. I'd take that; 'Well, no one else has complained.' rubbish with a huge pinch of salt, if I were you.

    I'm pretty sure these SAs are trained to say that, regardless of how many other people have had the same problem! :rolleyes: :tdown:
  9. I don't get it! My hardware is coming off and sent away for MONTHS and still not even fixed.

    The price we spend on these bags they should talk and spit out gold nuggets when we ask! I feel your pain, sister.
  10. wow, thanks for all the replies! It makes me feel a LOT better that other ppl have had to deal with the same problem (not that they have had it, but that I am not the only one). thank you so much chloehandbags, for your post! i did request a refund at first, but the SA absolutely refused to give it to me ... is there any way i can access documentation of this law so that i can show it to them, in case the replacement isn't up to par?
  11. ^ No problem, dara! :flowers:

    In the UK, consumers' rights are protected by the Sale of Goods Act 1979, but the US has very similar consumer laws (which vary, slightly, from state to state, I believe).

    The Federal Trade Commission website would probably be a good place to look for more info:

    Which state is the store in, BTW?
  12. oh man! i was writing about this somewhere else today on this forum. We should not be paying THAT much for a bag to have it be crappy quality ... thats not on!
  13. Thanks so much chloehandbags!! I bought it from the new chloe store at the palazzo hotel in vegas. It was supposed to be the culmination of a great vacation too. :sad: oh well ...
  14. ...I'm shocked. It's unbelievable that a luxury brand bag broke after a couple of times of using. Maybe it was a defective piece. You will be luckier with the next (if I were the shop, I would feel very embarassed about this and I would have offered different solutions, as a luxury customer service)
  15. I am sitting here on the verge of tears. So, after the strap broke and I sent the bag back to the Chloe store in Vegas, they sent me back a new one by FedEx on April 1st. A week went by, and I still hadn't received the package. I called them yesterday, asking them when it was supposed to get here. They were like "huh? didn't it get in the next day?" They had sent it by 2nd day mail, and they put in the tracking number in the computer, and showed that it had been delivered APRIL 2nd, at 12:30, and there was a signature on the package that wasn't mine. I remember EXACTLY where I was that day and at that time. I had just left to get lunch, and when I came back there was no package at the door. So, after calling back and forth, FedEx claims that it WAS delivered to the right address. HOW???? I am the ONLY PERSON who lives here and my name definitely wasn't the signature. Yet, they still maintain it was delivered. Now, the Chloe store handed it over to the corporate office who will do a "thorough investigation". Meanwhile, I am out thousands of dollars with nothing to show for it.

    Whenever a matter like this occurs it is usually the shipper's responsibility to compensate the buyer, and then they take that issue up with the courier themselves. The buyer should not be involved in this process. I think both Chloe and FedEx are being completely unprofessional about this entire matter. They keep saying "oh, you're the first this has happened to" so what, you think i'm lying???? Why would I??? I feel like I am being scammed.

    I'm just so frustrated right now I can't even think straight. I just want to cry :sad:. Do you ladies have any advice about what to do in case Chloe does not compensate me?