Sad with - First time too

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  1. #1 Oct 5, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2010
    It all started when I was browsing and got roped into fulfilling my fantasy of buying an Alexander McQueen chiffon scarf....My favorite color is red, so naturally when I saw the red base/black skulls scarf, I fell in love and immediately purchased it--I even went express post just so I could receive it quickly.

    Well, I got the package just last Friday and was confused (and disappointed) to find a BLACK BASE/RED SKULL scarf instead. I immediately called Saks customer service so they could correct the mistake, since the color they sent me wasn't even in a picture on the site. To make the story a little shorter, I ended up talking to two people (one of which said it must have been a mistake...but the order number was still the same and THIS was the item I intended on ordering.....).

    Anyway, the second person I talked to said they would handle it and placed another order for me for the right one. I had to mail the other scarf for return yesterday. They said they would refund my money for that one once they got it back.

    TODAY, I rechecked to look at the red base/black skulls scarf again and lo and behold.....the picture was replaced by the black base/red skulls. GAH! Now, I'm so worried that they'll send the same WRONG scarf again, when in actuality they probably forgot to update their product page and me thinking they had it, tried to order it. It frustrates me and this is my first experience with If I call again, they'll just tell me I'm wrong or I was just imagining the other scarf.....maybe I should have screenshot the one I wanted......

    I thought about keeping whatever scarf that comes to me next week.....but I really really wanted the red one. I won't bother going to Holt Renfrew...their selection isn't very good and they don't really have the newest and latest. the one I want even still available anywhere?
  2. Can't help on the stock question for your scarf...but just wanted to say: Don't give up on Saks! I had a couple of issues with their system too, but their customer service is fabulous and very good at correcting it. Just be patient. :smile:
  3. I agree, they are usually helpful..
    you can always return within 30 days and you always get full refund..
    good luck with the scarf!!!