Sad when rehoming your BVs?

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  1. It’s definitely not being bored by an item. The reasons vary: I’m not using it that much, I thought I’d give the color a go but it ended up not being me (hello any red bag and my recent green Hermes GP36), and I’d rather have ‘this’ one so ‘that’ one has to go (1-in-1-out). Once I had a bag (not BV) and met this incredibly arrogant woman who carried the same bag and I rehomed that because not for one minute did I want to feel any association with her. I do sometimes get caught up in ‘I should have this in my collection when it doesn’t suit me but fortunately that happens less nowadays.
  2. They’re really different. The hobo is a great spring transition color and the smaller one is lovely for fall. I’d keep both but if I had to pick one I think I’d keep the smaller tornado one.
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  3. Oh, I totally get not wanting to wear something because of someone else! My ex (from a long time ago) cheated and it was a bad breakup. His new GF bought the exact same watch and bag as me and it totally ruined me wearing them. I ended up trading in the watch and selling the bag. I was very young and easily annoyed back then

    I should learn to adopt the 1 in 1 out rule. When we finally move and I get settled in the closet, I think I will designate a certain space for my bags and whatever won’t fit has to go. If I want something new, I need to let go to make space.

    Good luck to me
  4. i find it hard to let go any of my BV, even if i use them rarely i still prefer to have them in the closet.
    I sold some of my Chanels, Pradas and TOD's without any remorse, and i can't wait till the rest sell!
    But i pulled back my Poussin Veneta from the consignment, i thought i didn't wear it enough to justify keeping it, but i kept going back and open the pictures to look at it and finally decided it must stay.
    In the light of upcoming changes and potentially discontinuing the style at all i prefer to hold on to it, it's in great shape and a nice warm beige neutral, i.e. timeless and classic.
    Even if now i am a bit caught up by Bal's crazy vibe i know i will be back to my classy Veneta some day :smile:
  5. I hope I don’t regret letting go of my Camel... I just don’t see myself wearing it for a long time. Sticky fingers, having to put my bag down on a dirty surface at a moments notice... I’m sticking to dark, thanks
  6. your baby will grow up, sooner than you think, and you will be again enjoying all the light and delicate colours and textures, don't rush selling... :smile:
  7. I’ve sold a few BV bags to a reseller and I stalked the site until they were all sold. One sold so quickly, that if I hadn’t seen it posted for sale, I wouldn’t have known it was snapped up within an hour of posting.

    They were all beautiful but I didn’t use them because of strap drop, color, etc. Rather than feel regret, I was thrilled that they went to new homes where I hope they get the use they deserve.

    I’m going to sell a few more this year. As others have said, I’m holding on to them a little more because everything is changing but I know they should be released to their next owners to enjoy.
  8. Whenever I decide to rehome a bag, it is with this same frame of mind as well. I feel happy that it is going to a better home where it will be used, rather than me hoarding it.
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  9. I do not feel sad when I rehome my less used BVs coz I find it increasingly a heavy load on me if I were to keep lesser used BVs. Maybe the Marie Kondo bug caught me but the main consideration is lack of wardrobe space. Additionally, it is very humid where I live thus making keeping lesser used BVs a losing proposition. I end up buying a lot of portable wardrobe dehumidifiers made by Reckitt thus it is costly. I lost money on all BVs that I sold but hopefully they went to new owners who use them more. So far, I have no regret on those I rehomed but one never knows, I may feel regret in a future rehoming effort
  10. I’m trying to put myself in that frame of mind... at some point, I will have no space in the closet so that will help force me into letting one go if I want a new one. I do try to be good about rotating bags. I try once a week, sometimes I go 2 weeks before swapping.
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    Sometimes it takes me a while to make the actual decision to rehome a BV. I liked them enough to buy them, use them, and take care of them, so I felt like there was value in keeping them.

    But then when I find that I don’t reach for a bag (or clothing item, or anything else), I remove it from the closet, hold it up to me or try it on again, and I make the gut call. With a few BVs, it took a few times of doing that exercise to realize that I hadn’t used them at all in between, and it was time to let them go.

    Once I make the decision, I’m not sad about it. I have a small closet and do not like clutter, and if a bag is just sitting there, unused, it feels like clutter and like a waste. I really dislike the feeling of having something so nice and well-made go to waste. In the end, I feel happy when I find a good home for my unused BVs.
  12. I always miss things I have re homed and sometimes have to stop myself from buying the same style again/ replacing it hoping it will work out.
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  13. I have only sold BV’s that either didn’t work for me - because of color or style - or because I got/wanted to get something that was even better. I don’t want (can’t afford or have room for) duplicates (i.e. same size and color). So I prefer to call it “curating” my collection, and I try not to have regrets. Other than the economic loss, of course....
  14. I think I purge my bags just like I purchase them.....quickly. When I stop using them, I really want them I just want to move on. Having an “out of sight, out of mind” mentality doesn’t go well with having a large collection. Nor does having a small closet. And sometimes I just crave change....
  15. Thanks, everyone! I appreciate everyone’s input, and it’s really helped me with shifting my mindset. I do feel sentimental about all my bags, but I really do need to learn to let go... especially ones that I haven’t even worn in years! Some I will probably keep forever (like my LV Petite Noe which I’ve had for over 20 years, or my BV Cocker since it’s my first ever BV and is amazingly smooshy), even if I don’t wear them as often, but I’ll definitely try not to let sentimental thoughts keep me from letting go of others. 1 in, 1 out!!! 1 in, 1 out!!!