Sad when rehoming your BVs?

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  1. In the years I’ve had BV, I’ve only rehomed 2 BV SLGs, a coin case many years ago and a wallet late last year. And it was difficult for me. I used to have the mentality that “I’ll use it again eventually” but I’ve really had to go through all my bags and SLGs (BV and nonBV) and purge the ones that no longer work for me. Some I realized I hadn’t worn in years!

    I very recently rehomed my Large Camel Veneta and it made me so sad, because it’s such a beautiful bag and such a classic staple to have in any collection. But I found that every time I reached for it, I ended up changing my mind. Light colors just don’t work for me, especially now with a sticky toddler.

    Am I the only one who gets attached?
  2. I don’t. When it happens that I’m ready to let a bag go, I have the initial ‘crap I’m going to lose soooooo much money selling this’. I also do a little self flogging about why can’t I be someone that keeps her things longer. And then it passes. So I WISH I had a harder time.
  3. I seem to be able to let go with relative ease. I'm in the midst of a purge as we speak but have to admit I'm letting go of more Bals than BVs.
  4. Do you find that you just get bored with them fast? It’s good, though, that if you no longer use something, you can let go of it vs just having it there taking up space. But I get the taking a loss on selling it...

    I still don’t know if it’s better to take a loss and make a little back, or have it sit there unused. ‍♀️
  5. We’re getting ready to move and purged our closet... 4 huge garbage bags of clothes! We have to tackle shoes next. I’m purging my small bags that have gotten no use, and some lighter bags. I’m still debating on whether or not I want to let go of my 06 Greige City. The leather is so yummy but I just can deal with light colors anymore. ☹️
  6. Just finished going through everything and now have three more to add to eBay. Six in total so far for 2019.
    A lot of times it's style for me. I buy it because I love the look but the bag doesn't work for some reason. Sitting here with two Bal 05 bags that have fab leather but I never carry them because the styles don't work. I could pretty much tell with each bag I took out of its dust bag whether or not I thought I'd ever carry it again. Plus for me, limited funds is an issue and a voracious appetite to buy:lol: so I have to keep the rotation going on to some degree. Space is also an issue although I'll work around that (DH doesn't need any closet space, right?)
    I'm fairly minimal on clothing and shoes but am going through those next. Pretty much a jeans and sweats gal...
    Greige is lovely but I totally get the light colours thing!
  7. I've never sold any BVs yet! Almost all my newest bags are BVs. I've sold lots of other brands. I rarely regret selling them. By the time I've decided to sell I'm ready to see them gone. My only regret is losing money on them. A couple of times I ended up buying the item again or a similar item, but usually there was a reason I got rid of it in the first place. Like @muchstuff said, I bought them for the color or leather but something about them didn't work for me. That is more of a problem with older purchases than later ones, as I used to be influenced more by tpfer's pictures and think I wanted something, especially satchels when I'm really a shoulder bag girl.
  8. Everything I’m purging now is because of size, and light color... Greige is the last one I have that’s light.
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  9. I’ve sold a lot of my LVs over the past few years, and am going through other brands now. I’m having a difficult time selling my BV though, but I’ve told myself that by selling the few that no longer work due to color/size, I can get another BV to replace it
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  10. Exactly!
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  11. I like my new purple BV better than my other purple BV so I'm wondering if I need to keep both. I'll wait awhile to see.
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  12. Show us both!!! We can help to enable keeping both
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  13. The first one is anemone. The second is probably tornado. I like the color and shoulder drop on the anemone more.

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  14. Both are very pretty... and different enough that you could keep both. I like the Anemone better, but it may be because I wouldn’t be able to use the smaller one as much.
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  15. The small one isn't too small for me. It is about 13 x 9 x 5. It would be ideal if it had a longer shoulder drop. I've toyed with the idea of trying it with a novelty strap but I haven't found one yet.
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