Sad when I am thinking of TPF while in the ER

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  1. Had to take my son to the ER. Major sprained ankle. So I am pushing him in the wheelchair and I have to stop at the restroom. He is not willing to hold my bag at 16. So I go in and see the diaper changing thing. Okay I can put it on there with a few towels underneath. No towels. ....then the TPF pops in my head of how to hold the purse and use the bathroom. Sad but true.

    DS will be fine if he stays off the foot.
  2. Thats to funny. Glad Ds is feeling better.

  3. I am glad your son is going to be alright! LMAO of thinking about tpf. I find I think of things like that and it gives my husband a good laugh when I tell him. :lol:
  4. glad your son will be ok! didn't someone come up w/ the idea of hanging it around your neck??? i swear i read that on tPF!

  5. WOW I never thought of that! great solution though!!
  6. Thank goodness he will be fine.....

    Your only option would have been to

    a. Tell him to hold it while you go to the potty or he can find someone else to "wheel" him home.

    b. Either he can hold it or you will sprain his other ankle. :P

    c. take the wheel chair away from him and run to the car and make him hobble to it.

    See, you have choices.
  7. Glad your son is okay. I'd rather hold it than put my purse on a changing table. I sometimes will hook it over the corner of the stall door if there is no hook. I think I have actually held it and peed though. Awkward, but you do what you gotta do!