sad to see some designers reducing quality

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  1. Last night I saw Joy Gryson hawking her bags on TV (HSN or whatever shopping channel; I was having insomnia).
    I remember about 5 years ago her bags were talked about a lot here on TPF. They were seude-lined and full retail was about $1,000.
    Now she's selling cheaper quality bags and I don't think she even has the full-priced line in stores anymore.
    Botkier is using lower quality materials and selling the bags for less.
    Rebecca Minkoff is too (at least on some bags).
    I don't blame these people. They just want to make a living.
    And honestly, I'm guilty of being one who doesn't like to pay full price so I'm no help.

    But it's still sad to see brands that represented a certain quality going down in quality to make money.
  2. Maybe it's the overall economy. Maybe some people still like to buy bags but don't want to spend as much as they had in the past, or they cannot spend as much as they used to?
  3. What about brands charging higher prices while declining in quality? Prada isn't what it used to be. Nor is Chanel or even Ferragamo. When I compare vintage bags - even bags purchased a couple of years ago - the quality isn't the same.

    You have to be pickier more and more with premium and contemporary designers. I don't mind brands coming up with a lower priced line, but I shouldn't have to worry about quality when I'm paying 1k+
  4. I agree :yes:
  5. that's probably even worse
    Did someone say Prada isn't made in Italy anymore?
    I've become more interested in preloved bags lately, not only for price but also some of the new bags aren't as nice
  6. Some Prada bags are, some aren't. Sadly, they aren't the only premier designers. Burberry and Mulberry manufacture in China too. I don't like paying such high prices for bags where they aren't spending as much on labor.

    For contemporary lines, I think it's hard as they aren't so established and trends will change. There's been so many trendy lines (Luella, Lovcat, Juicy Couture's on it's way out) that have come and gone. As long as established premier lines stick to what they know (Chanel and Bottega Veneta come to mind), they'll always have their loyal customers and be an HG to others.

    Then again, I can't believe the jump in prices lately. I own premier designer bags from a decade ago that retailed for under $1000. Psychologically, I have issues with breaking that price point so am either shopping from my own collection or from lower priced lines. It doesn't make sense that the same bags were more affordable to me as a college student than they are to me now. I've seen items I own sell second-hand for 150% of what I paid! Makes me wish I'd invested more on Gucci, Chanel, and LV back then.
  7. As of lately, I ALWAYS am shopping Zappos or sale items. I just grit my teeth when I hear that just about every designer out there has cheapened out. I try to stick with quality when I find it, and not buy something because of the name. I have been at this game waaaaay too long to get caught up in good money for cheapo products these days. I would like to hear of just one designer that got better over time......oh! Wait!! Kooba!! But, there again, I shop sales.
  8. Mulberry is probably one of the saddest examples of how a design house can screw things up _totally_. They jacked up their prices and at the same time, I started to notice more and more complaints about lousy quality on the Mulberry sub. In other words, pay more, get less.

    I can understand a designer doing what most high end companies have done; having a cheaper line alongside their premier brand. Other than that, it's kinda sad.
  9. I'm with you. IMO Kooba was good, got worse, and recently has gotten better again.
    But I won't pay full retail either.
  10. I totally agree!
    Lots of premier brands have increased their prices because the demand is still strong.
    Accessories make the fortune of haute couture houses, same as perfume or sunglasses.
    Who can afford a Christian Dior evening dress for example? A CD bag is more affordable and owning one from the famous couturier makes people think they are part of the lucky ones...
    The brands have understood this to perfection.
    It might change.