Sad story...

  1. Hello this past weekend me and my boyfriend moved...we were packing up stuff in out other place and i told my mom (who came down to help us pack) not to throw away the LV bags. I had my big bag from when i got my speedy and I had all of my other little bags in there from my wallet my cles and my had all the bags and all of the boxes and dust covers....:cry: some how it got thrown away.

    I am so sad...i have been so excited to start a little collection with LV and keep all the bags and boxes and now they are gone :sad:.

    :confused1:Is there any way i can get the boxes they came in and get new dust covers????? its ok if i cant get all of the bags back that i dont mind so much...bu definatly the boxes and dust covers.

    thanks in advance.
  2. Awww that is awful!!!

    The *may* be able to explain the situation to your regular SA and they'll give you some!

    As for the boxes....IDK about that....they seem to be sooooooo stingy with boxes (even when you're buying stuff!)
  3. humm i dont really have a regular SA i have only bought a couple things...i have used this one SA about 3 times...should i go to her?? what if she doesnt remember me...shes only there part time and every time i went in she just happen to be there.
  4. Okay...are the bags, dustcovers and boxes all gone?
    Or just the dustbags/boxes?

    I am devestated if it is all 3!

    But, if just the boxes and dustcovers~ you can probably purchase new ones (eBay) or like twiggers said, ask your SA.

    I am sorry~ I hope you did not lose your bags:wtf:
  5. i dont mean bags in the acutuall purse...i meant the brown bags (but i still wanted to keep them :sad:)
  6. ^oh thank goodness! i thought your purses were gone!
    im sure you will be able to get new bags and boxes on eBay, or from your store..
  7. Go to the store and ask.
  8. Awww i m so sorry to hear that courtneyh. :sad:
  9. how much do the dust covers cost and also the boxes...or is this something they might give me
  10. So sorry to hear...I thought you lost your bags at first! I'd just go and ask at the store. Are you in Doylestown, PA? I find that the people at AC LV are nicer than the people at KOP LV. Good luck!
  11. yeah im in doylestown! my mom lives in ocean city so when i visit her i can go to the AC store and ask them!
  12. That is sad, I'm sorry. You should go to the store and ask someone to help. If it makes you feel any better I used to want to keep boxes too but after my trip to Europe I realized that there was no way I could keep whole huge while traveling all over Europe for a month. From Paris we went all over the south of France and Rome and I just didn't have the room. I had to throw out the boxes but I kept the dustbags of course.
  13. Uggghh. That is the worst. good luck
  14. How did THAT happen?
  15. I'm so sorry to hear that. Have you tried calling 1866? You might want to try and explain what happened to them. GoodlucK!!!! :crybaby: