Sad Shopper. Frustrated by the Unshopable Website!


Jul 14, 2010
This is a crazy bag lady vent. Truly too saddened to rant.

How can a shop Chanel from the actual company without a store in my vicinity?!? I'm so frustrated. I don't buy pre-owned, so I just feel like the brand doesn't want me as a customer. I mean this is 2011, who doesn't have a shopable website?!? :sos:

Even if they had a no return policy on website purchases, I would still buy. I just don't have a clue on my real options or the ins and outs of wallets and purses. :pout::sad::shucks::cry:

Sidenote: I can shop every high end brand in the world online. Even a little Hermes. Maybe Chanel is out of my league. I would also like to add, I am more likely to spend money wrapped in my comforter on my laptop, than traveling out of town to "see" a brand for the first time.

I've felt every undesirable emotion about this, and I think I give up. Chanel has become the guy who won't call. The relationship was over before it started. :shucks:


May 1, 2006
I can completely understand your frustration, and lately I have been wondering if Chanel is going to establish a Chanel Personal Shopper online, this would be the only thing that would make all the recent changes make sense.
Different boutiques get different items and the 800 number cannot tell you which Dept Stores got which bags, so it would seem to me that they would establish a Personal Shopper option. If they don't, darn it, someone should.


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Nov 10, 2010
yes i agree that the Chanel website lacks info. There are so many different bags each season and even the classics are not complete in the sad for such a premium brand that they dun even invest in good IT support.

Just look at Louis Vuitton's website. It has so much info of various bags and is always up-to-date. I wish Chanel can improve on this cos i hate to go to the boutique wanting to find out more about the latest bags, but the local SAs seem clueless!


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Jun 24, 2007
For Chanel (and the French), buying an expensive item is an experience to them and that's why they're slow in allowing their items to be sold online - they would prefer their customers to go to the shop. I am sorry that there is no Chanel boutique near where you live. There are some countries that do not even have a Chanel boutique...


Sep 3, 2010
Well, then Chanel is missing out on a HUGE market: nerdy husbands shopping for gifts for their girfriends and wives. My DH would never set his foot in a boutique, but will gladly shop online. Just for kicks, I forward him links, and beautiful Jimmy Choo boots and Hermes scarves materialize under the Christmas tree every Dcember. :smile: Chanel can similarly sell small leather goods and some costume jewelery online, and leave the big bucks items for the shoppers who prefer to have the ultimate luxury of boutique shopping.


Jul 14, 2010
Thanks to anyone who read my post. If I had vented to any of my friends they probably would have checked my temperature ("Sad because you can't spend thousands?" It would be funny, if it wasn't so frustrating.) Thanks so much to all those who responded. It is nice to be among people who share a common interest, and dare I say passion. TPF is such a wonderful community.



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Apr 17, 2010
I do agree that their website is awful but they would never have enough stock for a shopping website. If you do go to buy a Chanel, it will be rare that your first choice of store will have what you are looking for. I had to call about 7 different stores to locate my Jumbo. Half of the Chanel section on TPF is helping people find what they are looking for :P Chanel makes itself quite... exclusive I should say. Even discourages buying (insane price increases, limits on purchases, not allowing certain phone orders, etc.)

Although I would enjoy an online shopping experience, it would mean mass producing their products which could definitely lead to a major decrease in quality. Many members have attested that there has already been a decline in quality over the years. However, maybe one day we will see an online Chanel shopping website!

All of that aside, Chanel really does make shopping with them a wonderful experience. I always feel like a valued customer and person, even if I'm not buying anything! Unlike some other brands' stores, I actually look forward to going into a Chanel boutique :flowers:

It is definitely worth the wait to go into a Chanel boutique to make a purchase. However, if you have to order over the phone, the majority of Chanel SA's are very kind and helpful. I really do recommend Chanel!