Sad Sharpey story, sniff sniff (must read)

  1. Here's the full story.....
    Girl see's Sharpey on Chanel website:wtf:
    Girl :heart::heart: Sharpey!!! Hunts down large, white Sharpey until she finds one at heathrow airport
    Girl sends kind and patient bestfriend in London to buy for her (since she lives in random-town, uk) but girlfriend advises that white lambskin is too fragile and hard to keep...... so girl buys caviar tote instead
    But girl cant eat or sleep for love of Sharpey and calls Chanel to buy for herself woo hoo:wlae:... but bag never shows up and gripped with forboding she calls around and (gasp! horror!) DHL have lost bag!!!! Airwaybill tracking clearly shows bag was indeed dispatched. Now I will never own that bag :crybaby:.
  2. OMG, yikes! What's going to happen?
  3. They wont charge you for the lost bag right? It is hard to believe that happened to DHL
  4. OH NO! Girl must be heartbroken ... have faith. Unless DHL delivered it to a wrong address, the package is floating in their system and may turn up!
  5. same kind of situation happened to my DH although not a bag but a different item:p.

    It turned up so think positive! Keep us posted.
  6. Chanel will not charge me for lost bag, no. But they are yet to get back to me about stock. Keep hoping it will miraculously turn up at DHL but doubtful. Will be regularly checking eBay to see if it will "turn-up" there:shrugs:
  7. Wow really? DHL lost the bag? That sucks ....
  8. Fellow tpf'ers are sad for girl who lost her Sharpey....:sad:

    Hope the story ends with a happy ending!!!
  9. Awww...that sucks!!! Fingers crossed everything works out...that it finally arrives or they locate you another one! Good luck!

    Btw, LOVE your avatar!!
  10. Good luck. I think you will probably get the bag. Last year I sent a package from NJ to San Francisco. It took 3 weeks but they eventually found it and it was fine.
  11. DHL lost my package containing Chanel pearls and a Chanel bag in Febuary. Never found. I sympathize with you.
  12. oh I'm so sorry bagpacker! I use DHL alot in the US and haven't had a bad experience yet. I hope you find another white Sharpey!! (I didn't even know the sharpeys come in white?!)
  13. I hate DHL! I have had nothing but bad experiences with them. I'm tracking a package that is guaranteed 2 day delivery, and it's still in San Francisco as I type this. It shipped Wednesday, so because of the weekend it will take 5 days when they told me it would be here by 5 PM today.

    They also lost a package I was supposed to get, and another package I received was in such bad condition I had to file a claim which was such an incredibly long hassle.

    BTW, sorry to hear about your Sharpey. I hope you can get another one or at LEAST get your money back in full.
  14. I'm so sorry for you, I hope you will find another one!
    Did you keep the caviar tote?
  15. I hope your parcel turns up, I cant believe DHL lost the package, was it coming from abroad???? I thought these things were tracked everytime they moved from one place to another and if it was wrongly delivered surely they must have a name and signature?