Sad, sad day.

  1. The chain on my Chanel tote broke :cry: The chain is attached to the zipper so I need it to open and close the bag. I was in a hurry trying to close the bag when it snapped, I can't even find the remaining broken pieces. :sad2: What am I going to do? Should I get the hardware fixed or should I attempt to find the same bag? I doubt I could even find one. I don't know...:sad:
  2. Oh no !! That's terrible !

    Why don't you take it in to Chanel to see if they could give you an estimate on the repairs of the bag. Hopefully it won't be too hefty, and it'd probably be cheaper than looking for another one, especially if you're not sure if it could be found again.
  3. Oh my, that's a bummer. You haven't had the bag very long? Call Chanel and ask about replacing it...
  4. Oh no! Sorry to hear that, especially since you got it so recently. Wouldn't Chanel fix it for free? Even if they wouldn't, I'm sure that they'd fix it for a fraction of what you paid.
  5. I would take it to the Chanel people first. In most large cities there are people who work with metal, zippers you name it. Just keep looking around.
  6. Oh! I'm so sorry!!! Take it to Chanel. They'll tell you what to do. I once had a clasp (the middle part that you twisted to close the bag which fits between the CC logo) break and took it to Chanel. I was so worried, but they fixed it! I'm sure they'll do the same for yours!!!
  7. Actually, if you take it to Chanel where you bought it, they'll repair it and ship it back to you. They are pretty terrific that way....
  8. Yeah, take it back to the boutique; they will fix it for you =) So sorry you had to go through that... I would have cried.
  9. I agree with everyone. Take it to the boutique and see what they can do about it. By the way, I'm sorry to hear that. Hopefully, it can be repaired.
  10. Chanel will fix the bag. They also will recondition and clean bags! G/L
  11. i do NOT know what i would do if that happened to me. =( good luck and let us know what happens!
  12. Oh, no! You haven't had that very long, have you? Hopefully Chanel can fix it for you.
  13. Sorry to hear about your bag! Take it back to Chanel for the repair. They will fix it for you and do a wonderful job! I always send my bags off to them for repairs. They generally take about 6 weeks and the repair prices are pretty nominal.

    Hope it works out well for you!
  14. That's terrible! :sad: You should take it to Chanel, there shouldn't be a problem with sending it away for repair.

    Good luck pursegal! :love:
  15. I'm so SORRY this has happened to you! Def. take it to Chanel and have them fix it! If you haven't had it for very long, it could be a manufacturer's defect and not your fault at all. How long has it been since you bought it?

    Good luck!