Sad, Pissed, feel left I'm buying a new bag THIS WEEKEND...

  1. Yeah, I'm having roomate issues.......I feel like they are ganging up on me because I haven't been home..but who are they to say if I got my life to live? I posted over in the Relationships thread b/c it's more appropriate over there.. anyway, this is really bothering me and for some reason the only thing that can seem to cheer me up is buying a new bag...I know it's not in my best intrest due to my finances but I've been really down about this the whole week and i don't think there's nothing else i can do to make me feel better..(except for reading all the cool posts on here =) but that only lasts for so long coz it makes me want so much..

    sounds shallow i know, but i don't think talking to them will be any good :X

  2. I'll be rooting for the 25 :smile:
  3. awww i know i should encourage NOT discourage, but have you thought about using the money you would spend on LV and maybe moving out and getting another apt w/ other roommates? That sucks that they are being mean and rude, but yeah, if worse comes to worse, just IGNORE, IGNORE, IGNORE and lock all your goodies up and never let them use your LV... hehe i know silly, just trying to make you feel better.
  4. Nothing like retail therapy!

    However, you mentioned something about your finances....if buying a purse will get you deeper into money problems, then you're better off just going to a movie or doing other inexpensive activities to blow off steam. Can you maybe go to a friend's house for a day, hang out there and think about what you can afford without feeling guilty over the purchase(s) before actually buying them?

    If talking to your roomates would not do you any good, then it's time for you to move out.
  5. hmm you're totally right. i sometimes get so excited about material things that i dont realize how much $$$ i'm spending...i actually haven't been home in the past month and a half...but everytime i come home they give me this attitude that's not like before & i just feel really uncomfortable.

    it's not that i can't pay it off, and i know the speedy is part of their permanent line meaning it could wait...........

  6. wantmore is right... I wasn't really aware of your problem. I think it might be best to wait aswell. :yes:
  7. Ah i'm sorry you are having such a rough time, I hated some of my roommates when I was at Uni and it can make life hell. Hope you manage to cheer yourself up (either by retail thearpy or something cheaper :smile:)
  8. haha the hard thing is, they've been my roomates for about 3 years and one of them for 4 years so i truly care for them!! but thanks for the support ladies =)
  9. Sorry to hear that you are having a bad time but please wait a bit until you spend your hard earned money-you are more likely to spend it now and after the first rush of excitement when back in your apartment you are still in the same situation.
    Have a walk or go to the cinama or a nice coffee shop and think the situation over, think of how to change it and if it works and if you still want the bag or zippy then you can reward yourself for solving your problem! And by the way, the Speedy is a wonderful bag and my next wallet will be a zippy hopefully, but why the 25 or the 35 and not the 30?
  10. yeah you're right....i've been wanting the 35 for a while now....and just recently the 25..

    i actually purchased the damier 30 a month and a half i want another size =) preferably in mono =)
  11. Yay to you for a soon to be new bag. =)

    Roommate problems suck. I wish I couldve got a new bag when I had them. =P Hope things work out for you!
  12. Sorry about your roommates, and I do hope it all works out for you. Like other posters have commented, this may not be the best time to purchase anything.
  13. ((((((Armanigirl)))))) I know it is upsetting to have problems with your friends, especially when you have lived with them for a few years. I am all for the retail therapy, but I worry that you are going to put more stress on yourself if you have to pay it off.(This I know frrom experience!!!! and I am a slow learner) Maybe it is time to look for a new place to live :girlsigh:
  14. UGGG don't worry. Go ahead & treat yourself. It's the best way.
  15. If you need a bit of retail therapy, how about a really nice solo movie/dinner?
    I prefer to buy LV when I am happy; that way all my LV memories are happy ones. I'm weird, I know......:smile: I just don't want to look at any of my LV and say "oh, I got that when we had that fight" or whatever.