SAD~ Not in LVoe with my Marais... What shall I do???

  1. Well, I got my Marais a few days ago and was all excited:nuts: until yesterday when I carried it for the first time!
    I thought it seemed small compared to my speedy 25 (maybe due to the pochette being inside the bag aswell) and that it just didnt feel comfortable.
    WIth my speedys I fell in :heart: straight away, but my Marais, not so much!
    Do you think it takes time to get used to bags:confused1:
    Im scared that the Marais looks 'oldish' but love the pochette and the shape. I just feel down because I havent connected with it, kwim?

    Girls what should I do?
    1~Keep it and get used to it?
    2~Return it and get a different bag? ~ Suggestions please!!!:rolleyes:

    (I saw a bedford in framboise today:drool: but now im not too bothered about getting a shoulder bag if I return it!?)

    Thanks everyone!:smile:
  2. 2! If u are not feeling it AFTER u take it for a spend, by all means, return it! Most pp FALL IN LOVE after inital use...KWIM?
  3. I'm not that fond of it personally. It seems way too small for my taste. And I know what you mean about old does kinda. If you want to stick with about the Saleya? I just got one and love it. Or maybe a azur speedy or mono one. I always suggest speedys, because they are my favorite.
  4. Return it.

    I have a petit bucket that I received as a present and it's ok but its not my fav....I am always scared that I am gonna lose something with it not having a zip.

    Bedford's are nice but how about a noe (I'm hoping thats gonna be my next bag!)
  5. Hiya hun
    2 i think you should take it back. With my bags i have fallen in LoVe with them straight away.
    So if you don't completley LoVe it i say you should go and see if you find anything else at the boutique .
    Good luck!
  6. If you don't love it return before your stuck with it. Wear it a around the house a little and look in the mirror then decide.
  7. classic: I know thats why im worried! Ive just looked at it in the mirror and i do like it, i mean I tried on lots of shoulder bags on and the Marais was my fave! I like the saleya on everyone else but just not on me!
    I have some more money now so i was thinking of getting something more exp instead, and therefore i have a larger range of bags to choose from! xx
  8. Don't feel bad, I returned Azur Saleya MM everyone is raved about, it's a waste of $ if u keep something that just 'looks' good, but not comfortable or functional enough to be USE, KWIM? I am considering suhali, lockit, noe and bucket atm.......not sure which i will get w/the Saleya MM credit :angel:
  9. I have the mini bucket and I love mine, but if you aren't feeling it for yours, then it's probably best to return it!

    Unless you are one of those people who let things grow on them...

    Why not use it for a little while longer (until it's time to really return it) and see? If you still don't feel for it, then return it! :smile:
  10. If you dont like it return and get something u really like
  11. Return it. It should not take any time to fall in love with a bag - once you have it you should immediately love it! I am sort of going through the same thing - I just love my speedy so much that no other bag is doing anything for me (except other speedies). I bought a bag today (not LV) and I can't get into it and just want to put my things back in my speedy!!!
  12. You should return it and look around. Maybe another designer name will do? Don't feel obligated to buy a certain brand if there isn't anything in your style.
  13. ^^ LV has ruined me for anything else...
  14. Let us know what you end up with. Good luck
  15. Thanks girls, I have shortened the straps to the shortest ones and it looks better now! I think I will have another play around with it... Classic, yeh i was thinking of a suhali, the Le'Aim was in ivoire at the boutique and was just drop dead gorgeous! I think I will go into the boutique again and play about with some more bags and then see xx