Sad news for horse racing fans...

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  1. It looks like Barbaro isn't doing well:

    I was really pulling for this horse, I'm a big fan of horse racing and the Preakness this year was heartbreaking and nauseating all at once. He's such an amazing animal, I'm still hoping that there's some way that he'll make it.

    It seems like such a small thing for a horse to break down compared to all the problems in the world, but when you see an animal throw its whole being into winning and suffer an injury like that it really does break your heart.
  2. its so sad i was really hoping he was going to pull through ok
  3. I had a really strong feeling he wasn't going to make it. That surgery was so risky. They need to put the poor animal down.
  4. just remember he went down doing what he loved to do! horses are amazing athletes and they love to win!
  5. It's a lot more complicated then it looks. Barbaro's being managed on a lot of pain meds, and horses have pulled through what he has.

    If you want further info, check under the racing forum. Someone who actually handles Barbaro daily posts updates and fosters more indepth discussions.
  6. Personally, I think he will make it. Maybe it is just wishfull thinking but he has an amazing team working for him. There had to be some sort of set back along the way. Thankfully the family is putting a lot of money into his treatment.

    I was so traumatized after watching the preakness. Its hard to see in animal get an injury like that. One thing is for sure that Barbaro has a huge heart. I really hope they get a chance to stud him out. His offspring are set to be phenomenal.
  7. Im totally against horse racing, and this event has pushed me over the edge.

    I hate everything about racing. I dont see any positive thing that comes from it.
  8. ^^^Racing has gotten a LOT better over the years.
  9. i was against racing too before when i was younger. over the last couple of years i changed my mind, looking at it at a new perspective. if they are trained and handly horridly then yes i agree with you, but not all are, some of the horses and the jockeys and the stable, they have a real connection you know, personally seeing it when i rode at a different stable a couple of years ago. horses arent stupid (not that im saying you said that or anything) but they know the difference between elading the pack, and falling behind, and they want to win as well. i didnt know about the disease, i thought when he was off he landed on it differently cause the poor thing kept trying to run anyway.
  10. I so hope this horse makes it. I can't fathom them putting him down but I think they will if he is not going to get any better :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  11. He acquired laminitis after he shattered his leg. Its from the leg being injured and him favoring it - not putting his full weight on it.
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