Sad news for all the Saks out of state shoppers...

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  1. Hey everyone! It was mentioned in a reveal I think, but I thought I'd make a thread for it. Starting Januaury 31st, Saks will no longer waive tax for items shipped outside of the state :cry:. This, of course, includes Louis Vuitton. If your state has a Saks Fifth Avenue, or an Off Fifth, you will get charged your state tax.

    Sooooo sad. Anyways, I thought I would give everyone the heads up so that if you have anything you've been waiting on you can purchase it before this tax thing starts. There's double points until the end of today, and tomorrow is the last day for shipping things free of tax.
  2. yes,its true and there are already threads on this topic if u use the SEARCH feature~
  3. I'm sorry, I did not find a thread that was dedicated to this. There are a couple of threads where this is mentioned in passing, but no one would know if they didn't open those threads and read through them. When I searched I could not find anything, could you please direct me to those threads? Thanks!
  4. Aw... yes that's really sad..... thanks for the info!
  5. thanks for the info :smile: its clear to me now
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.