SAD memorial day events....

  1. We live in a gorgeous neighborhood, great neighbors, caring community etc...we are on the water and most everyone has a boat and uses it OR they snorkel off thier docks etc...very water oriented.
    Ofcourse we have one group of 13-15 year old boys that are a pain in the ass to most off us. A boy that lives 3 houses down from me is kind of like the ring leader (we call him "Tony" like Soprano) that little kid is forever speeding along, Close to all of our docks, slamming boats into sea walls, basically disrespectful of the water and others. Also stealing things from our docks in the middles of the night etc...I KNEW something was going to happen to them I just never dreamed it would be so tragic. (keep in mind everyone involved in this lives in the same neighborhood)
    They were out speeding thier asses off yesterday and not paying attention AT ALL!! A father and his six year old son, and friend were snorkeling (diving flags raised etc...) the teenagers sped by catching the six year old boys head in the boat propeller...they watched the whole thing and sped off...the boy died. The father saw the whole thing, his wife was at home in thier new home with thier new born baby....Im so sad...I have been a mess all day. The parents of theses kids should be MORTIFIED and will pay dearly...the boat those kids were CONSTANTLY using was too powerful to be used with out an adult ON THE BOAT. Say a prayer for the family that suffered such a tragic unneccessary loss.
  2. OMG, I can't believed that this happend. I'll keep them in my prayers.
  3. HOLY SMOKES, that is awful. I'm so sorry for that poor family. I hope they can press charges against the boy who did this or his parents since they clearly have been letting their child run wild. Letting a 15 year old boy (who in the state of CA would not even be able to legally drive) on a powerful boat by himself?

    Geez, I can't imagine how that poor child's father felt watching his son's head get caught in a propeller... what a nightmare. How awful.
  4. Oh my goodness! I hope they get the book thrown at them!!! Especially since this kind of behavior had been going on for so long, and they had the nerve to leave the scene of a MURDER (it should be murder and not manslaughter, those a**holes)! Let Nancy Grace after them!!!

    I'm soooo sorry for the boy's family. How horrible! Nothing will bring back their beloved son.
  5. As a parent I am absolutely appalled by this! I feel for the parents who have lost their son so tragically especially the father who had to witness his son's death. I sincerely hope that the boys responsible, as well as their parents, are punished as much as the law will allow. It is just so sad that something this devasting had to happen. It breaks my heart just thinking about it.
  6. GOOD LORD, I already posted and I am still infuriated and sad... this reminds me of a boy I grew up with who sounds a lot like this boy. He crashed a total of THREE M3 BMWs. The last time he did so, he ended up killing 5 people: the passengers in his car and the car he collided with. He's now in jail. Man, if you don't nip this behavior in the bud...
  7. It's always so sad when people like this end up harming someone else instead of themselves. Truly horrible--and then to run off. What kind of parents are these that let their kid run amok in a boat, not to mention run amok in general?
  8. It breaks my heart as totally freaks me out as well as we had taken my 6, 8 and 11 year old nieces and nephew out to snorkel at the same time different spot. I can not even imagine how the parents of the little boy must feel. I really do not know how I would cope in such a situation. :cry:
  9. This is horrible. I agree 100% with Intlset, this behavior needs to be stopped immediatly if not sooner, or these kids will grow up and continue to reek havoc in other's lives.

    Prayers up for the family of the victim.
  10. Omg that is a horrible horrible story! I am so sorry for the parents of the boy who died... I'm just sort of in shock that it even happened. I hope the parents of this 15 year old also get in trouble... there is no way they should be allowing that behavior!
  11. How traggic! SO sad!!
  12. OMG i have chills going up my back and tears.
    I was raised on the water and have learned to repect where you are. the water is a dangerous place when you dont respect it and watch others around you.

    I'll be sure to pray for the family and their lost child.. my heart goes out to them.:cry:
  13. :amazed: OMG! I fell sick to my stomach right now, Im so sad:cry: What a travisty and horrible tragedy:noworry:
  14. that is horrble and sad. Do you now what is going to happen to the boy that was driveing the boat ?
  15. It happened yesterday...we will know more tomorrow...this will be a HUGE deal here in Key west. I will keep you posted.