Sad looking little bags on Ebay....

  1. So lately I have been searching eBay in the hopes of finding yet another MJ multipocket. And everyday when I do I come upon listings of MJ bags that look as if they are on their last limping legs. It makes me just want to buy them all in some attempt to save them.

    Maybe I'm being a little strange, but I just can't understand exactly how these bags can become so utterly.....abused and neglected. I know some of it is from lots of love, but

    Am I the only one that feels like this?
  2. I know what you mean! Some of them look like they've been sat on repeatedly and thrown on the floor! :yucky: I don't get it. I guess some girls just don't really respect their MJ.:confused1:
  3. Yes, it seems like a lot of the bags are EXTREMELY well loved:tdown:. It is not something I want to take on because I respect all my stuff. If only everyone did.
  4. i agree, i hardly even put mine down in fear of soiling
  5. The vast majority of the MP's look like they have been to war and back! How can people mistreat those lovely bags or did they just love them to death!!
  6. I just bought a bag off eBay and I'm waiting for it to come! (my first mj!) I hope the pictures were accurate because it looked well-treated and lovely
  7. I know. I always feel like if I am going to spend that much of my hard earned money on a handbag, then I'm going to treat it like my baby. And some that I've, I just don't get how that can be done to them.
  8. I don't get it either :confused1: I understand if a used bag has some scuffs or has had stains removed, etc, but I see bags where the entire inside looks like pens and makeup bags exploded, and the outside has multiple stains/discolorations/pen markings. I'm really careful with all of my purses, but I get any kind of stain on my bags, I freak out and spend all time necessary to clean the bag.
  9. I just got my eBay Blake and I have to say the former owner took such good care of her that you would be hard pressed to tell that it was a used bag!! I guess you have to shop and authenticate here and I did and it was a great experience. Thanks:yahoo:I did get 2 fakes before this but I did not authenticate them and it was my fault, Thanks everyone :tpfrox: