Sad, I'm not loving my new navy GG Grace boston...

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  1. Ladies, I've LOVED this bag for forever but have not used it since purchasing it :sad: I just don't wear enough navy, red or white in order to do this lovely bag any justice. I really need some clothing tips, or I'm going to seriously consider returning it :crybaby:

    I'm very casual in the summer time, flip flops, skirts and T-shirts. I think the only thing I can wear the bag with is maybe a plain whit T-shirt and jeans, which is soooo limiting :crybaby:Help!
  2. khakis!!! i think it would look SO hot with kakhis, whit tanki and flip flops!!! :smile:

    or even if ur floral skirt has red in it...that would do too!!

    red tank and jeans, white tank and jeans, anything and jeans

    i think it SHOULD go with black too!! NAVYS SUCH A VERSITLE COLOR!!!

    ROCK it girl ;)
  3. Do you have a picture of this bag?
  4. OMG I love this bag!!!! If you are gonna get rid of it I'll take it off your hands!
  5. I wear my navy Gucci with almost anything that most people would wear with black. Yellow, green, pink all of those look great with navy. As suggested by luvednot spoiled - khaki, but also anything in the cream/brown family (I wear those shades A LOT!)
  6. yup you could wear it with jeans. or actually you can wear it with any printed material that has some hue of navy anywhere. good luck!
  7. I'm desperately wanting the navy Grace hobo, and I've seen celeb pics with them wearing jeans and black tops, and the bag just pops!
  8. Thanks for all the advise, ladies. I just hate mixing prints with logo bags or mixing other colors with navy :rolleyes: I know, I know, I'm anal :roflmfao: I still have not used this bag and have been staring at it since I've posted ths thread. I LOVE this bag and damn it, I'll find something to wear with it :yes:

    For those of you who don't know what the bag looks like, I've enclosed a pic.
  9. I had the hobo and ended up returning it for the same reasons you stated. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  10. please tell me u started loving it again....its so pretty

    so very pretting

    im sad :sad:
  11. oh it's beautiful! You could wear it with so much. A plain colored tee and either jeans/khakis/classy shorts and it'd look great. I totally get the note wanting to clash prints, but you could do so much with solids!
  12. I wear a ton of navy blue... you could totally wear jeans with solid tops or think white bermuda shorts with a white and blue polka dot shirt with red necklace and bracelets! I hope you have gotten some new ideas on how to wear your bag!
  13. That's a beautiful bag! Where it with jeans a solid top & fabulous navy/white shoes & it would look amazing!
  14. Sigh... it's been too hot for jeans :crybaby: I just bought a cute Marc Jacobs dress for the bag and will post modeling pics with the bag when I get it :yes: I'm determined to make the bag work :smile:

    Thanks ladies :tender:
  15. oh it's a pretty bag! i'd wear it with a white or navy top. hope it works out for you :smile: