Sad, hard to read but IMPORTANT story about animals who are in the pound...

  1. I received this in an e-mail and thought I would share...please pass this story along to anyone you know who is not planning on adopting their next pet.


    I am posting this (and it is long) because I think our society needs a huge wake-up call. As a shelter manager, I am going to share a little insight with you all - a view from the inside, if you will. First off, this is a forum to for adoption and / or rehoming as clearly stated in the rules. All of you breeders / sellers on craigslist should not only be flagged (and I hope the good people on craigslist will continue to do so with blind fury), but you should be made to work in the 'back' of an animal shelter for just one day.

    Maybe if you saw the life drain from a few sad, lost, confused eyes, you would change your mind about breeding and selling to people you don't even know - that puppy you just sold will most likely end up in my shelter when it's not a cute little puppy anymore. How would you feel if you knew that there's about a 90% chance that dog will never walk out of the shelter it is going to be dumped at - purebred or not!
    About 50% of all of the dogs that are 'owner surrenders' or 'strays' that come into my shelter are purebred dogs. The most common excuses I hear are:

    - We are moving and we can't take our dog (or cat). Really? Where are you moving to that doesn't allow pets?
    - The dog got bigger than we thought it would. How big did you think a German Shepherd would get?
    - We don't have time for her. Really? I work a 10-12 hour day and still have time for my 6 dogs!
    - She's tearing up our yard. How about bringing her inside, making her a part of your family?

    They always tell me, 'We just don't want to have to stress about finding a place for her. We know she'll get adopted - she's a good dog'. Odds are your pet won't get adopted, and how stressful do you think being in a shelter is?

    Your pet has 72 hours to find a new family from the moment you drop it off, sometimes a little longer if the shelter isn't full and your dog manages to stay completely healthy. If it sniffles, it dies. Your pet will be confined to a small run / kennel in a room with about 25 other barking or crying animals. It will have to relieve itself where it eats and sleeps. It will be depressed and it will cry constantly for the family that abandoned it. If your pet is lucky, I will have enough volunteers that day to take him / her for a walk. If I don't, your pet won't get any attention besides having a bowl of food slid under the kennel door and the waste sprayed out of its pen with a high-powered hose.

    If your dog is big, black or any of the 'bully' breeds (pit bull, rottweiler, mastiff, etc) it was pretty much dead when you walked it through the front door. Those dogs just don't get adopted. If your dog doesn't get adopted within its 72 hours and the shelter is full, it will be destroyed.

    If the shelter isn't full and your dog is good enough, and of a desirable enough breed, it may get a stay of execution, though not for long.

    Most pets get very kennel protective after about a week and are destroyed for showing aggression. Even the sweetest dogs will turn in this environment. If your pet makes it over all of those hurdles, chances are it will get kennel cough or an upper respiratory infection and will be destroyed because shelters just don't have the funds to pay for even a $100 treatment.

    Here's a little euthanasia 101 for those of you that have never witnessed a perfectly healthy, scared animal being 'put-down'. First, your pet will be taken from its kennel on a leash. They always look like they think they are going for a walk - happy, wagging their tails. That is, until they get to 'The Room', when every one of them freaks out and puts on the breaks when we get to the door. It must smell like death, or they can feel the sad souls that are left in there. It's strange, but it happens with every one of them.

    Your dog or cat will be restrained, held down by 1 or 2 vet techs (depending on their size and how freaked out they are). A euthanasia tech or a vet will start the process. They find a vein in the front leg and inject a lethal dose of the 'pink stuff'.

    Hopefully your pet doesn't panic from being restrained and jerk it's leg. I 've seen the needles tear out of a leg and been covered with the resulting blood, and be deafened by the yelps and screams. They all don't just 'go to sleep' - sometimes they spasm for a while, gasp for air and defecate on themselves.

    When it all ends, your pet's corpse will be stacked like firewood in a large freezer in the back, with all of the other animals that were killed, waiting to be picked up like garbage. What happens next? Cremated? Taken to the dump? Rendered into pet food? You'll never know, and it probably won't even cross your mind. It was just an animal, and you can always buy another one, right?

    I hope that those of you that have read this are bawling your eyes out and can't get the pictures out of your head. I do everyday on the way home from work. I hate my job, I hate that it exists and I hate that it will always be there unless people make some changes and realize that the lives you are affecting go much farther than the pets you dump at a shelter.

    Between 9 and 11 MILLION animals die every year in shelters and only you can stop it. I do my best to save every life I can but rescues are always full, and there are more animals coming in everyday than there are homes.

    My point to all of this is DON'T BREED OR BUY WHILE SHELTER PETS DIE! Hate me if you want to - the truth hurts and reality is what it is. I just hope I maybe changed one person's mind about breeding their dog, taking their loving pet to a shelter, or buying a dog. I hope that someone will walk into my shelter and say 'I saw this thing on craigslist and it made me want to adopt'. That would make it all worth it

    [/FONT]Protect your pets. Please ID. Spay & Neuter.....if you don't, you contribute to the 4 million animals put down each year! Stop the cycle.
  2. Couturegrl, thank you so much for posting this. I love the work done by everyone involved in animal rescue and animal shelters.
  3. Thanks so much for posting. Selfishly I didn't want to read that but it is so important for people to realize the reality of the situation rather than just turn a blind eye. The article puts into words why I am so passionate about animal rescue.
  4. I can never understand any person who could treat any type of animal like they are just a piece of trash. It really is criminal. Makes my heart sink and break.

    I wish somehow craigslist could be banned. There seems to be more and more articals about them just allowing anything and everything to be bought and sold. No restrictions what so ever. Sick
  5. This should be posted all over the internet. I strongly believe in adopting rescue/shelter pets. I adopted both of my dogs and its been extremely rewarding. They are not purebreds but I guarentee you I get more compliments on my mixed breed dogs than most purebred
    I recently went into a mall pet store and asked what they did when the puppies didn't sell. I got this as an answer " Well, we reduce their price as much as possible but if they get too old and cant sell we return them back to the farm they came from."
    And what do you think happens to them there? I HIGHLY doubt that people would be stupid enough to think that live out their lives on the "farm" in luxury and happiness. I hope this article gets across to even one person because its worth it.
    We domesticated this animals and its time we take responsiblity for our actions.
  6. That is so sad. I have witnessed a cat being put down before, and it's so very sad (I was doing a photostory on the Humane society and so they let see everything.) Afterwards the cat was put in a garbage bag full of other cats who had already been put down. It makes me want to break down right now. People need to be responsible and realize this is a life! and that life should be protected. Because (sadly) it's in our hands and we as humans all participate in deciding their fate.
  7. This really horrible, but I have also ready some articles that not all of the animals die right away after the injection...meaning some of them are still alive as they are thrown into the bin/bags of other dogs/cats. :sad:

    I just can't believe that our society, which I truly believe is overall caring and compassionate, allow this to happen.

    Just like the author of the article says, if this helps just one person decide to adopt/rescue instead of buy from a breeder or pet shop, it has made a HUGE impact.

    I myself feel guilty b/c I bought both of my Chis from breeders. However, after doing my Arizona Humane Society volunteer orientation over the past few weeks and going to the Maricopa Animal/Rabies control (aka the pound) I made a promise to myself (and all the pups out there waiting for 'forever' homes) that I will NEVER EVER EVER buy a dog again.

    I will adopt ALL of my pets from now on, and hopefully become a foster home once SO and I get married and buy our own house.
  8. Wow Couturegirl, I admire you so much for this post! :flowers:
  9. This is so sad yet I knew something like this happened. We adopted out cat and he's the cutest looking orange thing youll ever see! My dumb mom bought a Westie from a breeder because of some pedigree or something when I wanted this adorable little Daschund at the pound. Im never letting her buy a dog again. There has to be something else to do instead of killing them! I mean seriously if people can come up with all these crazy useless inventions that no one really cares for, then why cant we find a way to save these animals? :sad:
  10. EXCELLENT post!

    I'd love for copies of it to be posted at every petshop that sells animals, and sent to all these socialites who think dogs are fashion accessories. The greater majority of pups come from puppy mills, and the pedigrees are useless, since there is no way of knowing if that dog they say is a champion ever sired that pup.

    A good website about more on this is
  11. [FONT=tahoma,sans-serif]"My point to all of this is DON'T BREED OR BUY WHILE SHELTER PETS DIE!"

    Such a simple message, and yet there are still people out there who are selfish enough to breed their dogs because they think it's "cute." Naturally, they all find "great homes" for these puppies, even though they really know nothing about breeding or about doing adequate background checks. Tell me, is it cute to know that several million animals are killed each year because there just wasn't enough room for them, and yet you chose to bring a few more into the world? Repulsive.
  12. I bought my little guy from a breader a good one to not a backyard. Because he was our first dog and I wanted a little security in knowing what his personality traits would be. Now that I have the whole training thing down pat, our next dog will be a rescue. My parents after years of having show quality dogs have now chose to get a rescue for their next dog. These little guys really do deserve loving homes too.
  13. Thanks so much. TTucker!:heart::yes:
  14. It makes me SO ANGRY when people dump their pets and use those bullsh*t excuses. I wish we could FINE these people for being so heartless and STUPID.
  15. ^Seriously.