Sad Ebay Auction


Nurse Purse LoVer
Sep 7, 2009
So, I'm a nice, easygoing person. However, sometimes other people's rude actions just REALLY upset me. Here's the story:
I have been patiently waiting, for awhile, to find a LV Monogram Medium Agenda. I have searched everywhere :broom: , as LV does not currently offer this style. Recently, I hit the jackpot :yahoo: . Late one night, around midnight, I was "surfing" the internet and I found an authentic LV Monogram Medium Agenda listed on Ebay. The item was listed as a "Buy It Now," "gently used" Agenda for $275 USD. According to the item's history, the Agenda had been listed for awhile, as it was a "Buy It Now." Now, I'm a decent judge of authenticity, however, I decided to post under the "Authenticate This" forum prior to purchasing, just in case. BTW, the "Authenticate This" authenticators totally rock :urock: ! Anyways, I finished the posting process and decided to double-check the website link to prevent any frustration and assist in a timely authentication process. No sooner had I posted the threat and clicked on the website link, the Ebay item displays, "This auction has ended." The ITEM WAS PURCHASED! I'm thinking, "No way?!" :confused1: I refresh the page and attempt the link again; same thing. I'm not an idiot, maybe naive, but not an idiot. I hate "jumping" to conclusions but I really feel as if I was screwed over by a fellow TPFer, who saw the auction and thought, "Wow, that's a great buy!" :mad: I truly try to give others the "benefit of the doubt," and I find it sad that I was possibly "screwed over" by a fellow purse-lover. :sad: We are kinda like a family. In summation, eventually I was able to find another Agenda, however I'm still saddened by that night's events and VERY hesitant to post anything under the "Authenticate This" forum anytime in the near future.


May 17, 2010
Aww sorry to hear that but in the end you found another agenda to make your own~

Also, I wouldn't jump to conclusions that it was another tpf-er that purchased it. Who knows, maybe someone else not on tpf was also surfing the web and came upon it. Plus if you want to avoid the possibility of that happening in the future, instead of getting the free service you can submit to other paid services that aren't in a public forum!

Look on the bright side, someone got a deal and you got your agenda.. no harm done!


Apr 1, 2010
Oh wow thats terrible. However I really don't think any one did that here intentionally. I mean I doubt there are people here just waiting to see what others post to have authenticated and then go and buy it, specially since it takes the Mods to authenticate at least 24 hours. Maybe it was just a fluke thing that happened.

In the future, I suggest you do some research on your own learn the most you can about LV and how to detect and look for authentic markings, be familiar with the date codes and heat stamps. And then when and if you are interested in something on ebay or where ever else. "Buy it now" and then once the auction is complete and you are the winner it, have it authenticated and then pay safe using paypal with a CC.

That's what I do atleast, because the same thing happened to me several months ago and thank goodness the bag was deemed a Fake!! So in closing I am glad you were able to find another Agenda.


Apr 28, 2009
^^^^You really shouldn't do that it is a pain. OP did it the right way.

OP I understand your frustration. However it just must not have been meant to be. No matter who snagged it. You did the right thing by having it authenticated first. I have read far too many ebay threads where people get fakes and get a huge headache trying to recoup their money, or getting a NPB strike. Another one will come along I promise.


Jul 31, 2009
You can always save the seller's pictures and post them without the auction information...but I think that a lot of times the authenticators recognize fake sellers, or can see that other items are for sale etc...

I've only had that happen once, and it is a big bummer...but I guess that's the risk that you take posting the auctions in a public forum.

I also know that I don't immediately buy everything that I have checked...when I was shopping for my noe, I had many checked and eventually bought one new. So it really wouldn't be fair to everyone to say that anything in the authenticate this thread is off limits.

I feel badly that someone seems to have swiped up your agenda..I'm glad you found another one!


Nov 30, 2007
When I am very confident with my own judgement, that the item is authentic, I buy it, I never pass up a great deal, it is obvious others will see it and snag it fast! after I pay if I inspect the pics more and decide I need reassurance, I then bring it to the forum for a second opinion. TPF is a great resource for authenticating, but I know just as much, if not more about authenticating LV. Educate yourself is my best tip for all LV buyers in a secondary market.


Mar 28, 2009
The auction winner's action is not rude as you stated. If they have the money and want to purchase a product on e-bay, they have every right to.

E-bay is an auction website and there's always a risk that someone will purchase what you want before you. You can't be upset over it. You didn't have the item or on hold in your hand and have someone snatch it up. It was fair game.

I'm sorry it sounds harsh, but it is what it is. Better to have the item authenticated than get a fake item right? I'm sure that this agenda was not meant to be and another one will pop up.

Cheers and good luck finding what you're looking for.


Feb 13, 2010
Sorry you missed out. :shucks: I have sometimes wondered if posting something in ‘authenticate this’ would get other TPFers looking at that item. You can't know that’s what happened's just as likely that the authentication had nothing to do with the item selling.

I only buy new, but I do like looking through authentication thread just to see if I can 'spot the fake' or not. I think if I saw a bag I really wanted posted there my first thought would be 'Damn, someone else saw it first!' ...then after it was authenticated if I wanted it I'd probably wait a week or so, and if the item still hadn't sold I would figure it was fair game.