Sad! "Designer-inspired" in a mall!

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  1. I was in the mall earlier today and saw this boutique, known for selling affordable shoes, and saw a few Designer-inspired bags. I saw the Coco Cabas look-alike on the shelves and then... BOOM! There was a huge poster with a black and white pump (or sandal?) next to a black and white basketweave!!! Morning After look-alike. I wanted to get a picture of it but the salespeople were watching me, maybe later this week... it annoyed me so much, because I am a fan of RM's bags :sad:

    There were also a lot of women in the store who didn't seem to know that the bags were "designer-inspired". They just thought the bags looked good. Oh well.
  2. Unfortunately "designer inspired" happens a lot and styles get copied. Some people don't mind or care and, as long as the copying manufacturer doesn't try to pass it off as the real thing (eg a fake), retailers will sell them and buyers will buy them. Even at department stores there are a lot of brands that are clearly modeled after designer styles.
  3. NOOOOO!!!!! i can't believe thay are knocking off RM bags now :crybaby:
  4. Lane Bryant stores carry 'designer inspired' handbags too. I saw one that looked identical to the YSL Downtown and another that mimicked the Prada Nylon Gauffre Tote.

    Stores do this because they sell, plain and simple.
  5. Ahhh, I see. Thanks for helping me understand ladies...
  6. wow! i really didn't think RM bags would get knocked!!

  7. see if you can take pics, i would love to see what theses "designer inspired" RM's look like.
  8. Not too long ago, I saw a bag at Macy's - I think the brand was "In Style" or something like that. It was the same style as the JC Ramona.
  9. You see a lot of designer inspired bags in stores that sell cheap clothes like Forever 21. As long as they aren't selling actual counterfeit bags in the mall, I don't care. Nobody would ever mistake these designer inspired bags for the real things.
  10. As long as there are people who will buy the 'designer inspired' they will continue to make them. I, personally, wouldn't buy one but some people just don't want to pay for the 'real thing' so they buy cheap knock offs. I think it's icky haha
  11. Hard to believe in Macy's. I could see some of the discount places but what is the world of classy bags coming to?

  12. WTFITS! Thats outrageous! An RM knockoff!? I am :cursing:
  13. that's true; i've seen some knockoffs at actual stores! they usually have some weird unknown name, but it's disgusting.
  14. i don't care much about knockoffs. they're not trying to pass it as the real things like fakes. i, personally, wouldn't buy a knockoff. nevertheless, we have to understand that some people just can't afford to buy the real thing, or they don't value bags as much as we do. to each her own :smile:
  15. Theres one of those kiosks in every mall I go to, it's really lame. The mall I frequent most has a kiosk but theres never anyone looking at the purses. It's so close to macys i'm sure most people would be embarassed to look at Goachs and LQ(whatever that means, it's instead of the LVs on the purses).