Sad day :( Valentine's Day Wristlet is already Ripped!

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  1. Hi Ladies!
    I bought myself a purple patent leather Poppy bag for Valentine's Day at Dillard's for 50% off. I also got the matching wristlet. I have been carrying the wristlet as a wallet for the past week. On Friday, only 5 days after I purchased the wristlet, I noticed the strap of the wristlet has cracked. The leater is crinkled, which I could deal with, but one part has actually ripped and the white underneath the purple leather is showing through. It makes the strap hang akwardly and Im afraid it will cause the strap to break. So now I need advice as to what to do...Do i take it to Dillard's or the Coach store? Does it matter that I purchased the bag on clearance? And do I return it or ask them to fix it? Im not quite up to date on the Coach policy
  2. I would take to the coach store and show them what happened JMO they stand behind maybe they will have the product or give you full value.
  3. You can return it and they will issue you a full refund. GL
  4. Oh I forgot to mention I purchased a bag on clearance from dillards thatwas metallic with issues and they gave my FP credit at the store on the spot - which was great shopping for me I was shocked - she looked in the system to see what the price was.
  5. yep ITA take it to Coach
  6. Ok thank you!
  7. Sorry to hear about this. Hopefully Coach will take care of it for you, keep us posted.
  8. oohh shoot..
    so sorry to hear this.
    hope u get it repaired dear..