Sad day for Classic Lovers

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  1. Well... it's official... the iconic Sac Plat has been completely discontinued. :sad:
  2. I'm surprised about that. Such a classic :sad:
  3. I know! I am broken hearted... seriously! This bag has been around for a half century!
  4. Sad. LV should reincarnate the Elipse and the backpack form to replace a classic.
  5. I am sorry for lovers of this "sac plat". I did not see a lots of people in my city who bought this bag.

    I suppose LV wants to change some iconic bags?
  6. so sad - such an LV classic
  7. I thought this would happen soon. I couldn't find it online in any size. I do like the smaller model with the shoulder strap. I had the classic model but found it hard to carry, especially on a windy day. :smile:

  8. Why would they discontinue a style that's been around for so long?
  9. Maybe poor sales? That probably the logical sense.
  10. There's no other word for this bag besides classic - ugh! So disappointing.
  11. Thanks for the link ; very informative about this bag :smile:
  12. It probably did not sell as well as they hoped? It was redesigned a few years ago - with a beautiful new interior that replaced the vuittonite lining.
  13. I hate to see classics discontinued!
  14. Wow, that's a surprise. It's on my wish list so it looks like I'll be going the pre-loved route.