Sad, but true-I don't think that I am a scarf person

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  1. On Friday night at the LV party (my sister and I went and we had a really good time, not too crowed and purse chatted with a few SA's) after a few glasses of champange I decided on the Trunks and Bags scarf. I really did not need a new bag so I went with accessories. The scarf is very pretty but I am not sure that I will wear it enough to justify keeping it, so I called the store and inquired about the white MC s-lock bracelet and they have one, so I charged it and it's waiting for me to pick up. I have a black MC koala bracelet that I wear alot so I am sure that a white one will get used as well. I feel sad returning the scarf because it's so pretty and very chic and it's limited edition but I don't think I will use it enough. I hope that I made the right decision.
  2. If you feel you will use the braclet more (which I'm sure is stunning) then that's what you should do. I feel that the LV scarves are very flexible. I wear them in my hair, as belts, and as bag accesories. I haven't seen the Trunks and Bags scarf yet. But go with your gut, if you don't wear them you probably won't use it.
  3. I'm the same with wraps. I have a gorgeous LV wrap in lavender that I bought because it is such a pretty color ... but I have never even taken it out of its box. I will probably part with it soon because it just isn't being used.
  4. If you are pretty sure you will use the bracelet more than the scarf you've made the right choice.:yes:
  5. You've made the right have to go with your gut!
  6. Thanks, I like the idea and the look of the scarf but I know that the bracelet will see more daylight. I wish they had a silk bandana size mono scarf with the trunks on it, it might be easier to wear. Oh well, another trip to LV, maybe I'll come home with another piece to make my collection of bags and accessories an even 20.
  7. I have a few bandeaus which I never use but they're too pretty for me to return it. If you don't think you'll miss it, you've made the right decision.
  8. I have done the same thing with a tie before...I loved the way it looked but then realized I just wouldnt wear it ( I dont have to dress up for work and I have many ties already ) and just exchanged it for something I knew I would use.
  9. At least you gave it a shot. To each his own. =)