Sad, but she has to go...

  1. Goodbye magenta Bleecker will be missed.

    My CHH (Coach-Hating-Husband) says that if I want another bag, I have to sell one. And alas, you, Miss Magenta, are the one who has to go. I just love Carly and Gigi too much.

    Hopefully someone who loves you as much as I do will find you a good home.:crybaby:
  2. awww I am so sorry.. :cry: I have had to do this too... many times :rolleyes: but if you have to choose you have some great bags.. and we are all here for you. :tup:
  3. You know, I don't have a problem selling my bags. I get them...sometimes don't even carry them! Do I have a problem?? So, they come and go. I have two on eBay right now...still with tags...that I have had several months and would be embarassed to return to Coach. I think I have gotten enough enjoyment out of having them for the difference in $$ between what I paid and what I will sell for. Anyway...just my $.02.
  4. aww thats sad.. lol make sure you do the same thing to him when he wants something haha
  5. Awww... I totally know how you feel. I have a fiance who feels this way too!
  6. I have a Magenta Bleeker Duffle and I wish you luck in selling her.
    I have carried mine every day this week, that's how much I love her.
    Good luck and let us know what new bag you purchase.
  7. I'm sorry you have to get rid of her
  8. I say don't be embarrassed and take it back! Is there another Coach store or outlet near you that you can go to if you don't want to go back to the original store? Or is it all about the time?
  9. Ha! Ha! CHH, that is funny!
  10. Yeah I agree just try to return it at a different store
  11. Well this bag was used a few times, so I can't take it back. I got a good deal on it, so hopefully I recoup some of the money I spent on it and get a new bag.

    Luckily, I loved the color, but probably would have been happier with a medium duffle in the same color. It was just a bit too big for my taste. We'll see what I end up with next!
  12. Hi -

    I was posting to Coach_Bag and I think CoachGirl84 was just replying to my message. She had mentioned that she had unused (tags attached) bags that she didn't want to return.

    I hopeyou are able to recoup most of your money on eBay.
  13. AWW! I will be sad to see her go but I can't wait to see what you get after you sell her!!

    I also agree that I would prefer the magenta in the smaller duffle. I have the large one too..
  14. Thanks everyone! I'm glad I'm not the only one who sells bags to get new ones! I'm thinking of getting the medium Bleecker duffle in grass green or pond instead...gotta have something with Tattersall!

  15. when are you going to sell her?