Sad; but I need to know

  1. As a first time dog owner I would like to know what do I need to do in the event that a fatality occurs to my dog:sad: , I mean if he gets hit by car and dies, etc. What if something bad happens late at night or something? I think it is good to know because you never know. TIA!
  2. Make sure you have the number and driving directions to the closest emergency vet or 24 hour emergency vet. Some places are open 6PM until 7AM to serve emergencies that the daytime vets cannot handle cause they close at 6PM. Also, some cities actually have animal ambulance services. Do your research now, before you need it!
  3. Oh and, I am not trying to be mean, 99% of the time an animal gets hit by a car it is the owner's fault. Your dog should be on a leash and the yard should be check to make sure there is no way the dog can get out. Sure, there are accidents but you need to make sure your dog is safe.
  4. You are right, i don't think that will ever happen to Kirby but it just happened to my neighbor. Me a me little one saw it all. I freaked out.:sad:

  5. Soooooo true!:crybaby:
  6. uchh, that's still the worst though. :crybaby:
  7. I have a magnet from an ER vet on my fridge in case something happens. Hopefully I'll never have to deal with a fatality though like her getting hit by the car. In that case I think the police might be there to help out because I'd have a serious nervous breakdown and someone would call them for sure.
  8. Aww..I worry about this constantly too!!! My lil girl is just like a child to me! I would never want to lose her!

    I just watch her like a hawk, and hope that no accidents happen, and also, my baby has an id card with the # of the vet, I hope I'm all set!
  9. Speak of watching your dog like a hawk......

    If you have a toy breed, don't forget about natural predators like coyotes and hawks.

    My friend has 2 chihuahuas. She is very tall and athletic. 6 ft plus. It is so funny that her chi's can snuggle in her shoes and take a nap.


    One day she was with them at the dog park. She suddenly had an intuitive sense of fear. She looked up and saw a hawk bearing down on her smaller chi! She did a football-style dive and saved her baby.

    Our beloved dogs really are our babies, aren't they?

    Like other happy slaves to pets, I keep the 24 hour vet address and phone number with me at all times. My purse, the memorized numbers in my cell, on my frig.
  10. You have got all the good advice above, I would just add that you should relax now, stop worrying & enjoy your lovely companion

  11. OMG!!!!!!:wtf: I did NOT know this was possible, and it totally freaks me out I have a toy poodle! Ill watch out for that in open areas, thanks ffor the tip!
  12. I have actually heard of a hawk grabbing a small dog. I think it happened to someone on a Maltese board I used to post on. Really scary!
  13. I have heard of a hawk picking up a Jack Russell Terrier...about 25 lbs...a few hours north of where I live.

    Luckily, it was too heavy for the hawk and it was dropped. It was fine except for some lacerations where the hawk's claws had held on to it :sad:
  14. Thank you Girls! All info. has been very helpful