Sad and not sure what to do :(

  1. Hi--
    I was on here about a month ago asking about pricing of GST. I am in love with this bag and I have been saving up money for it. Anyways, I went to the Chanel in Nordstrom in MOA and got to see my dream black with silver GST. I am in love with her even more. I talked to Carolyn.. btw, she is such a sweet heart. She told me the price is going up on Nov 1st.. I am planning to go back and get it next month.

    :cursing::crybaby:Today, while I walked back to my desk.. there I saw this woman at another department with a balck GST. :sad: Its obviously fake because she always carries fake LV, gucci, and other chanel. I'm heart broken. I don't know if I still should get it. I don't want anyone at my work to think its fake either. :confused1:

    Sorry if this is long.. I'm so bumbed out!
  2. Def get it before the price increase. Carry it with pride. You'll know it's real, and it will OUTSHINE that horrible fake without you saying a single word.
  3. i will get it.

    i never care if others wear fake as long as mine is not and if you love the bag why let others stopping you from buying it.

    get it, i'm right behind you.
  4. ^^ita
  5. fake GSTs are really bad!!!
  6. go for it and if she comments say well mines is real!
  7. As long as you know yours is real, it's no big deal. If we all never bought handbags that we saw other people carrying around fakes of, I think a lot of us would be sadly devoid of designer handbags. Wear your authentic bag with pride.
  8. Why would you be sad? If I were you, I'd get your authentic, gorgeous GST and wear it proudly. SHE'LL be the one who's embarrassed.
  9. Don't give up the dream bag.she'll be the one embarassed and may be will stop using the fake one.Goodluck..
  10. exactly!! never let a fake get in the way of rocking your authentic dream bag!
  11. Like the other ladies said, definitely get it before the price increase and enjoy it! :tup:
  12. I agree with the other ladies. Don't be sad. You should still get it, and who cares what people think, because you know the real mccoy always outshine the fake one. And get it soon before the dreaded price increase...
  13. Who cares about her? You should get yours and obviously the real Chanel will be noticed since the quality will definitely tell others who has the real Chanel. Don't let her upset you okay? Get the purse you truly love!
  14. Don't let that stop you from getting your dream bag. As long as YOU know it's real, that's all that matters.
  15. I would definitely get it and enjoy it. I bet she stops wearing her fake when she sees your beauty.