SAD and light therapy

  1. most days in the winter i stay in bed if i don't need to be anywhere. i'm tired all the time, i'm always sick and just in the darkest of down moods for about half the year. while addressing some other issues with my therapist this year, we've realized that i have pretty severe seasonal affective disorder.

    it's been storming and dark for the last two weeks.....i've already noticed a very drastic change in my moods and energy. i mentioned it to her at my last appointment....she suggested that in addition to continuing talk therapy and maybe looking at adjusting my meds (which i'm already doing for the other issues) that i look into light therapy/purchasing a light therapy box. i ordered one tonight (it has a good return policy) and i'm really excited about it. i'd rather not mess with more meds if something as easy as really intense bright light can fix me. :smile: i bought a sunray 1 plus travel case from the sunbox company.

    anyway....just wondering what other's experiences with light therapy and SAD were, if you feel like sharing. :flowers:
  2. I have had it for years, and did not really know, until 3 years ago, I understand the feelings, of how low you feel when the weather is bad, Some people don't understand, and they say "Oh it's just raining". I actually considered moving to Florida, and maybe still will some day, The light therapy works for me, I use it with my fav club music, and it really helps me that way , I also did not want to take prescription, I take St John's wort, and combined it makes it better for me, Until Spring,.. I hope you find something that will work for you, Because it is Tough,
  3. I've had SAD all my life. I can remember even being a little kid how blue I felt from October to usually January/February. That's supposed to be a great time of the year for kids: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, all the long holidays from school, but nope. I was literally depressed! My family passed me off as as "moody" but once the research became more available, I found out that's what was going on with me.

    I've not had to resort to artificial light therapy or anti-depressants though. Since I learned what the problem was, I make it a point to get out into the sun every chance I can so I can absorb natural vitamin D from sunshine into my skin. It seems to help me a lot. Here's some nice, succinct resources I found that you may want to look over, the first specifically focused on light therapy.
  4. like the others, I've had bouts of SAD without even realising. a couple of years ago, it was really bad, I had to go on prozac and someone suggested a dawn stimulator. It wqas the best £100 I've ever spent :yes: it help regulate my sleep patterns and I noticed the changs within a couple of days. I'm thinking of getting a desk lamp, for work which would be quite discreet.
  5. I had symptoms of SAD, especially in the winter months...I resorted to tanning beds in the past (do not recommend this), but I think it was looking more tan that probably made me feel better!!

    Anyway, I had enough of getting stuck in snowdrifts, and I moved to a tropical climate 13 years ago....and the symptoms disappeared.

    I truly believe some people need more sunlight than others, and that being deprived of it totally affects one's mood....
  6. I only recently discovered I had SAD. My university tutor was the one who made me aware of it, so I went to my GP & got some info. about it & finally acknowledged that I had been suffering from SAD for years.

    It doesn't affect my mood or anything, but when winter comes around I find myself tired constantly & I often become ill from the months of Nov - March, nothing major just colds & flu that last a while & only add to my continuing lack of energy during those months.
  7. I have SAD really bad in the winter months. I sleep like 12-14 hours per day and still feel lazy even when I work out. And I gain weight too.
    Sadly, I go tanning to help and sadly it does make me feel better. I always cover my face with a towel and wear sunscreen on my hands, neck, chest, elbows, and knees (as someone told me the thinner skin ages more quickly).
    I am gonna look into those light boxes, but I swear there is something about lying in a tanning bed that is so relaxing and wonderful. I dont think that light box could help me.
    Off-topic, but this girl I once knew said that the doctors prescribed a tanning bed to her mom because of a skin condition and SAD. She said insurance covered it. But that girl use to tell tall tales, so I dont know.
  8. When I first started showing symptoms of SAD, my doctor did recommend tanning:tdown: (I now am having to get a precancerous mole removed) but that was before light boxes were popular. I've been waiting for them to be reasonably priced and it looks like there are a lot of options now! I'm going to order one, too, because the SAD really affects me during the winter.
  9. Oh thank you for this thread !!!!!
    I´d like to hear about those lamps too as I am gonna buy one this year.

    I moved to Scandinavia 6 years ago.....well you can imagine the seasons.
    Depression hits me in winter. From september-october it rains all the time and in winter it´s the night at 15.30 and dark the rest of the day bc of the heaviest layer of clouds you could imagine. It only gets better in april !
    So, there are tanning salons everywhere even in the smallest village. I know it feels great, but so unhealthy and dangerous.
    So do you do other activities while using your lamp ? Do you also have an alarm clock with sun simulator ?
    In Norway they have put some of those lights in cafés, great !
  10. What with us living in sunny old England (cough) my Mum gets it really bad during winter. She has one of those light boxes and has it on all day during the darkest months, and often she'll sit right up close to it which she says helps. I'm pretty sure I have a form of it too as I do feel a lot better in the summer. During winter I go through depressed phases (which isn't like me) and my energy levels are a lot lower. Cold and Flu wise I'm prone to that anyway so I can't say SAD alters it. I think I need to move to a sunnier country with my Mum.
  11. i got my light box last week. it is AMAZING. the first time i used it, i felt my mood almost instantly improve and it's only gotten better. i sit right next to it while i'm watching tv, reading, or knitting. the minimum time to get good results is supposed to be 30 minutes, but i like the feeling so much i keep it on almost all evening. highly highly highly reccomend it.

    i miss that too.....but i got too many new dark moles when i was tanning. my uncle has had a few pre cancerous moles removed that looked a lot like some of the ones i have.....mine are fine (as of my last check up), but it scared me.