Sad and Happy at the same time.....

  1. So I went to LV today to buy the Speedy 30 (I just sold my 25 to get the 30 I like more room) anyway so I am with my husband and we walk in and I see the Speedy Mirage in the black, I walk over because I have only seen the Mirage in the burgundy which didn't interest me. Well now i'm thinking I love this bag but i'm here for the monogram 30. I had my heart set on it until......i saw the Mirage so then i'm carry it around looking at all the other Speedys by this point and I won't put down the Mirage. So I ask the SA to pull out the monogram to compare and it doesn't.... But for my use of the bag the monogram is perfect. While checking out I am looking at the Mirage. So I decieded to not get the mirage and stick with the monogram. My husband was like is it worth 3x the cost and I said in that combo yes.... so he asks why don't you get it, at that point we were in the parking lot and I really wanted to say "I should let's go back" but we are leaving for hawaii in in 2 weeks and I do want spending money there so I became realistic and said no i'll keep this one. Now that i'm home I look at it and I love the size and everything about. I think the fact that I had options once there made it overwhelming. So I am happy with my choice and i'm saving it until we go on vacation.
  2. Aww.. that was so sweet of him to offer though! I think you made a wise decision for now. And who knows.. perhaps you can pick up the mirage in Hawaii, it will make it that much more special!
  3. I know what you mean......I fell in LOVE with the Mirage when it was only a at least you were able to complare the two....hopefully you can get one after your vacation !!!
  4. That's true. All the choices makes you want everything and more. Glad you're happy with the regular mono speedy.
  5. Glad you are so firm on your decision not to 'splurge' on the Mirage.. perhaps you will find something nice from Hawaii... congrats on your Mono..
  6. I still love my mono speedy even though I got the mirage. It will still be around for awhile...maybe you can get it after your vacation.
  7. That was sweet... I would have BOUGHT IT!
  8. :tup:Well, look at it this way too, 5 years from now, your regular 30 will be as classic as now and will remain a classic always!!!
  9. you know what? the EXACT THING HAPPENED TO ME?!?! my heart skipped a beat when i read your thread *sigh* i am absolutely IN LOVE with the mirage....but i'm a "new" LV devotee and rationalized that if i got my mono speedy 30, i could use the money that i didn't spend on the mirage to buy LV accessories!!

    it still kills me when i read posts about the mirage...but i know in the long run, i could get so much more for the price. BUTTTTT if later on (say...a year later?) i STILL want the mirage? I'm totally getting it LOL. But not now..since I'm just starting out, I definitely want a range of things with my money!

    *hugs* enjoy your trip to hawaii..don't think of the mirage too much! if it makes you feel any better (har har), there are already FAKE mirages out there (damn them!!) so it won't be as exclusive as it seems with those fakes floating around.
  10. IK, right? I wouldn't have held back! :p
  11. congrats on your bag, i think you made the right choice!
  12. Very sweet of him to offer!
  13. Aw, your DH is so sweet. I think it is good for you that you can hold back like that, I am so proud of you !!!!!!!! I myself prefer regular speedy over mirage, or both if I have lot of disposable money. But now, I dont, and I just this personal feeling, that I want to build history with my speedy, from the new pale looking vachetta, until it prime and matured patina...

    CONGRAT wIth YOUR FAB BAG !!!! I always love Speedy the most !!!

    LOL, I hope my broken english make any sense to you, :smile:
  14. Have a nice vacation and CONGRATULATIONS on your new bag! You got yourself a true classic!

  15. Congratz, and good on you to be able to hold back, I wouldn't...~