sad again =[

  1. So let-trade said that he'd hold the red yen wallet for me and tell me when the link was up so that I can purchase the wallet. But when I got home today, the item already sold =/ I'm starting to not want it anymore
  2. sorry to hear that it was sold. i hope another one will turn up soon. or maybe something that you'll like even more. :smile:
  3. aww i'm sorry to hear that!
    but maybe it's not meant to be!! you'll find something you'll like even more and then you'll be glad you didn't get it!!
  4. I know that feeling and it sucks! :yucky:
  5. I saw it up there and was eying it.
    have you emailed them ?
  6. He should have put an inquiries button or send you a money request.
  7. I'm sorry to hear that...have u emailed him again? Maybe he has another 1 (fingers crossed)?
  8. yeah =/ oh well right? I guess I'll find something eventually. Maybe I'll get the azur wallets when i have the time to go check them out.
  9. For sure you will!!:yes: :yes: :P
  10. Awww.. bummer. Well, perhaps you two just weren't meant to be - I'm sure you'll find something you love just as much ! :yes:
  11. Awwww, another will come along. :yes:
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