sad about stain on my new Lido wallet.. help?

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  1. this is the first time i've ever done anything to a leather anything of mine and of course it is somethign that i have had for less than 24 hours...

    yesterday afternoon i received my brand new Harlequin/Tango red Lido wallet. so exciting. I sprayed it with two coats of Wilson's (inside and out), let it dry for a couple of hours, put stuff in it, and went on my merry way. my cell phone fits in the front pocket. it's generally the bees' knees.

    i came home, put the wallet on the desk, next to the phone, and went to bed. I woke up this morning and as I was gathering my stuff i realized the back of the wallet had a circular stain on it. it looks like a grease/oil stain, but i touched the desk and it wasn't wet or greasy, and the phone wasn't either. the stain also doesn't smell like anything. the only things i coudl think of were water or soup (which i had at the desk earlier that day) but i would have noticed a spill....

    just in case it was a water stain i took the wallet to work and left it out to dry. didn't help. came home, used wilson's leather cleaner wipes to wipe down the back. it faded it a little bit, didn't spread, but it's still fairly noticeable.

    i'm sad. any ideas?:Push:
  2. You might try putting some corn starch on the spot, then a paper towel, then a book on top for pressure. I did this after I dropped french fries (!) on my Havana. After two days the spots were gone. If it's oil, it'll probably come out.

    Now I'm less picky and I find that most spots eventually blend out of the leather with time and use.
  3. i just did something similar that i read on another thread somewhere - put corn starch on it, put it under a light bulb, and let it sit. it sat for about an hour before i wiped it off and i didn't notice a change.

    but i am trying your method now, since it is very likely that i was just too hasty the first time. i'll resist looking at it until tomorrow after work! did you let it sit under the books for two whole days w/o looking?

  4. No, I peeked on day one :smile: It looked better but the stains were still obvious. I piled on a ton of magazines for weight on the stain spot and left it for another day.

    I'm constantly getting stains on my Havana from this lotion that I use and all the spots fade after a few days. Hopefully you'll have the same experience!
  5. so i just got home and of course i peeked, too. unfortunately, absolutely no change at all.

    it's a pretty big stain, probably a 2.5 inch diameter circle, so i just took it to the dry cleaners down the street. their leather guy won't be in until next week AND i have never been to that dry cleaners.. but it made me sad to see it.
  6. Oh Hokka!
    I am sorry this happened to you!
    It is sad when you get a brand new *something* and it gets a stain or spot.
    I used a Coach leather moisturiser on my brand new YAM Havana (after 3 full coats of Wilson's leather protector) and it left multiple little dark spots all over the bag, almost like little oil spots!
    I was sick about it, and promptly threw the stupid Coach crap in the garbage!
    After it sat for a few days it is much better, they have lightened a bit closer to the YAM color, but are not completely gone... I think the spots are there to stay...
    I know how you feel.
    I am so sorry.
    It is sad when this happens...

    Maybe next week when the leather person is back to work he will have a solution! Think positive!!!
  7. aww, thanks for the encouragement! i don't usually care toooo much about stains and such but just because it was brand new AND it'd been a wishlist item for so long....

    i am definitely hoping it'll work out, though :tup:
  8. Moisturizer after you SEALED it? Hmmm... If it's not too late, get your Coach stuff out of the trash, because that's not what caused this, m'dear.

    Some kind of interaction between the two, I'd say ... both on their own are excellent products, but I've never thought to use them both, one right after the other. I use the protector on washed leather bags like LP or Not Rational (or Sissi Rossi or whatever) only, because the leather is so fragile... for the Havana possibly just the Coach lotion, but since your lovely was so new, probably nothing at all.

    I've never put anything on my Inkas. But - I haven't carried the white one either, probably might do the Wilson's on that if I'm ever brave enough to get her out of her bag and use the poor lonely thing...

    I'm sorry your Yammy is spotted ...:sad:
  9. I did the Wilson's when I first got the bag, almost 3 weeks ago.
    After using it for those 3 weeks straight, it looked like the surface of the leather on the back and bottom of the bag was scuffed here and there, ya know, from rubbing against my jeans. No biggie, I should have just left it alone (Yeah, I learned my lesson the hard way!). I thought if I put some of the moisturizer on the leather, it would soften it up a bit and get rid of those marks.
    So it wasn't immediately after the Wilson's spray. More like 2+ weeks after. I was so upset when parts of the bag got dark (like when you spray the Wilson's) I assumed when it dried the marks would go away.....
    Like I said, the spots are starting to fade, but it bummed me out for sure!