Sad about Sabrina

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  1. In early July I went out just to look and see. well she was there my cranberry Sabrina. ok so she went home with me. I got home so happy:wlae:, then I find my DH in a bad mood about bills... well not a great time to tell him about her. so i didnt, he just found her and loves her. He said she should be brown. I told him the SA had them when I got mine so we call to see about getting one and the SA told me the sad news:crybaby:they were all gone. The one time my DH says to get something I cant. Anyone have pic's of the new colors that will be out later??

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  2. I just ordered the espresso brown tonight. They aren't in the stores though so have her check with the style #.
  3. I think the espresso coming out soon should be just like the pilot color. You may want to wait awhile though until you can see the newer colors in person. There will be TONS of pretty colors/materials in the next few months.
  4. The new colors are magenta, parchment, berry, cherry amd steel. And the black and espresso. There may be more but that is all I could remember.
  5. Did you order the large or small?
    Are they in leather and the new signature?

    I saw them being previewed in Fashion Valley (San Diego). I should have bought one then.
    I LOVED the magenta, black and espresso.
    And the accessories were awesome, too. :tup::tup:
  6. I ordered the small. I bought the all leather one.
  7. You'll be able to get the brown (Espresso) one for sure - I think it's coming in both sizes too - the small one is available to order now from JAX in the small, but not in the large yet - I've heard on 8/24, but who knows.

  8. Berry??? like purple?
  9. Is the magenta similar to the cranberry color or is it like the pleated ergo satchel in magenta which kinda looks more purpleish to me...
  10. I don't know what color the berry is I haven't seen it. There is a magenta sabrina wallet on ebay, it seems more pinky than the cranberry bag, IMO.
  11. Im so jealous you got the cranberry. I talked myself outta it when i had the opportunity, now im kicking myself for not getting it.
  12. OOh, I wonder what the steel color looks like. I want a gray bag, so maybe this would do.
  13. It doesn't really look gray from what I saw. There was a swatch of the color in the lookbook and it looked more bronze but like a light bronze. I would have really liked a dark gray but who knows.
  14. I'm intrigued by the color cherry...I'm hoping it's a deep deep red. Probably not though~
  15. I tried to order the cherry but it isn't available but they are going to call me as soon as they get it. I can't wait to see it.