Sad about my Speedy 30

  1. I recently bought my speedy 30 monogram. And as i'm only 5 feet 2" - 3" (around 160cm). I think the speedy 30 looks ridiculously big on me. Im very thin though.

    what do you guys think?
  2. How long did you purchase your Speedy?

    Well it sounds like your not entirely comfortable with the size so maybe you can exchange it out for a Speedy 25 or something.

    I would be just concerned cause you should be happy with your bag! =)

    I hope the SA that helped you wasn't pushy....I've seen SA'S be like "Oh just get the 30 size, its not a big price different from the 25..."
  3. That SA didnt help me out at all...
    I purchased it more than a month ago. but i've not used it yet. still feeling very crossed about the bag. sighhh
  4. Where did you buy it..In store or eLux?
  5. I'm about the same size as you and I first felt that way when I got mine, but after putting a purseket inside for organization and structure, it felt less big. Now, I love it and am even carrying it today!
  6. I am 5'2 1/2" and 122, I have a Speedy 30, I put a magazine in the bottom (a suggestion from PF) and I think it looks fine. Maybe, it just needs more structure like ck21 says and a little getting used to.
    I saw a lady in the nail salon with the 25 and it just looked to small to me. It is all a matter of perspectives.
  7. As before, I think small girls with big bags look great! Unless it's uncomfortable for you to carry (too heavy on your arm, etc.) I say keep it!
  8. I'm 5'2" and about 110 lbs. and my speedy 30 is one of my favorite bags. I absolutely love it for work. However, I've always been a fan of big bags. I think you should carry what feels comfortable for you.
  9. I'm five feet nothing and my Speedy 30 feels just right on me!
  10. If you haven't carried it yet, and you don't love it, you should be able to take it back and exchange it. When you pay so much for a bag, my theory is that you should really be in love with it.
  11. I am about your size and exchanged the 25 for a 30. I felt like the 25 was too small and i love the 30 size!! I also am a fan of big bags. I don't even put anything in to structure it, i love how it drapes! good luck with your decision!
  12. I think its a matter of not being used to the bag. I'm not much tallerthen you and think that the speedy 25 is too small. At first I think it was big just because it was a different style bag then i was used too. It doesnt take long to get used to the size.
    No keep in mind if you dont carry much that could be why you're finding the bag big. I can fill the 25 with no problem with my everyday stuff.
  13. I am 5'3" and I LOVE my Speedy 30! But I am definitely a big bag lover. If you arent comfortable then take it back. But I can assure you it doesnt look ridiculous on you.
  14. I have the 35 and I thought it was big at first but now when I look at it, I thought it should be bigger than it really is. LOL. I agree with Bag Fetish, it might jsut be you haven't used it much yet.
  15. want to trade!! i have the 25 and i want the 30! lololol