Sad about my Pochette Metis

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  1. I was lucky to stumble across the original version of the Pochette Metis in pristine condition for a really good deal earlier this year and have been over the moon in love with this bag. I heard about the issues after I bought the bag, but I would've bought it anyway even if I knew about it since I've always liked this bag. About a month ago, I noticed a teeny tiny crack of the glazing starting to surface. Fast forward I brought it into Louis and wanted to have it reglazed. I was willing to pay and I just wanted it fixed. The SA I spoke to said they'll contact the Repair Specialist to see what can be done. I was contacted a few days after saying that they'll reglaze it for free and to drop it off whenever I'm ready. I finally dropped it off almost 2 weeks ago and I just got an email from the SA saying that my bag can't be reglazed. I can either take the bag back, wait for stock of it to come in (we all know the waiting game on that), or take store credit. I'm so bummed about it. I really bonded with this bag. I know it's just a bag and I feel silly being sad over it, but I can't help it. Part of me wants to just get another one, but will I face this issue again? It seems like a hit or miss. The only other bag I like right now is the Melie. The PM has me so in love with crossbody bags now and I loved everything about the PM including the S Lock. What would you guys do? Thoughts??
  2. Did they say why they can't reglaze it? I have the old model and do worry about the glaze and check it often. Tough decision since they seem so hard to come by right now and it's such a great bag. I wish they could just reglaze it for you.

    I don't know if you've been to the Melie clubhouse lately? We will be visiting Maui later this summer and I wanted to get the Melie there to save a little. Now I don't know. There's several that are having wear/peeling on the bottom corners of their bags with very little use. Another bag, another defect.

    What about the Mabillon? Those who have it seem to really love it? I know it's different than the PM, but maybe a close second to the PM? I feel your pain though. Hope you get it resolved and feel good about it in the end. Please keep us updated. I'm going to check my PM right now.
  3. How bad is the "problem"?

    I understand how you feel about bonding with a bag. My very first LV is a pochette. I bought it when I was in college and use it everyday. The feeling of being able to buy it back then was immeasurable. Almost hallucinatory. LMAO.

    The vachetta handle eventually looked like a wreck (after decades!). Glazing all gone and fell apart/split in two. I know I can get a new one (very very easy fix) but for some crazy reason I want to keep the "original" and ugly vachetta so I used everything from rubber bands (made indentations on it) to super glue (stained through the leather). It looks worse now but I won't change it for anything.

    ANYWAY my point is that if I were you, here is what I would do:
    1. I would live with it (I'm good with stuff like that if I set my mind to it)
    2. (if problem is really bad), I will simply wait for new stock to come in and get a new one (LV will replace for free, I assume?). Yeah, it may most likely happen again but who cares if I love the model.

    Those are my two cents.

    EDIT: You have the original pochette metis? With vachetta tab at the back zipper pull? I would KEEP that. New ones look different and I like the old one more. Just a thought. You need to be honest with yourself about what you're willing to put up with. Everything in life has trade-offs, so they say..

  4. I have an old version, but never wore it enough to experience a glazing issue. I plan to sell it as soon as I take the time. Guess it's best that I do before any glazing issues surface. Haven't used in years though.
  5. I would demand they put the old zipper pull on the new model haha! I know it can be done because they replace zipper pulls in-store FOC.

  6. My SA said the exact same thing. The peeling and cracked glazing on the original models are not being fixed. LV is only offering replacement or store credit. I also preferred the original version but didn't want to miss the window of exchanging it so I took a new one. I still really like it and will keep it. Also, I am also having problems with my Melie. See my other posts in the clubhouse. I'm waiting to hear back from quality.
  7. No wonder I haven't heard from LV repair on the return of my pochette Metis. I brought it in 3/13 for reglazing. I guess I better start looking for a replacement ��
  8. I would opt for a new one. The waiting list doesn't seem to be as bad for some people. A few on here have anticipated a long wait and only ended up waiting like 2 weeks!
  9. If you decide to keep it, there is a way to do a little diy reglazing on it. I've seen posts on fb about it and I think someone made a youtube video about it. Or, you could even take it to a shoe repair store. I think they do things like that. BUT, keep in mind that if you do any repairs on it outside of LV then they will never take it back or repair anything on it in the future. Good Luck with your decision :smile:
  10. Sorry to hear about your PM. I would get a new one since you really love this bag. I myself used to have the older version but sold it. I missed it so much that I ended up buying it again. I do have the newer model and luckily mine has the leather pull. Good luck!!
  11. Wait for the stock and get a new one since you love this bag so much. There is probably good reason why LV is not fixing up the older models. I would think of the older version as beta and newer model as updates with bug fixes LOL!
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  12. It sounds to me that you are pretty lucky! You bought a used bag and you are about to get a brand new one!!
    Count your blessings!
  13. Hi Genette, so did you exchange it or just kept the old one? I'm curious... :smile:
  14. +1
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